Sample Art Essays on Pepsi Max Advertisement

Pepsi Max Advertisement

The purpose of advertising is to create awareness and provide information about a product that persuades consumers to make buying decisions. As competition is increasing, the need for effective marketing and communication is growing, and marketers are finding new ways to break through the clutter and generate a response and action from potential consumers. Advertising methods range from placing adverts in newspapers columns, magazines, and other channels of communication that reach a wide audience who are mainly potential customers. The essay looks at one of the advertisements of Pepsi Max by evaluating the various persuasion strategies that have been used to appeal to potential consumers.

Pepsi Max came to an agreement and signed up for Broderick’s on-screen ad service to increase its market share by persuading potential customers to buy its products (Pepsi Max 1). Pepsi Max ad uses various strategies in the advert to persuade the target audience to purchase the product. The advertisement employs strategies, for instance, imagery, logos, pathos, and ethos to appeal to potential consumers. The artistic expressions used by designers of the advert make it look attractive to potential customers. The color scheme draws the attention of potential clients because they are familiar with the brand and previous advertisements. There is also an aspect of humor portrayed in the advertisement whereby it is written in one of the bottles that, “Maximum Pepsi taste”. This has helped in making the product to be familiar to people of all generations. The drink has been packaged in a bottle that lookS attractive, and this makes potential consumers want to know more about the content of the bottles. Potential consumers are pursuaded to get the maximun taste of pepsi from Pepsi Max, which appears to have all the essential ingredients for the taste.

Pathos, the appearance of a man quenching thirst in the picture, evokes an emotional response from potential consumers. The man looks relaxed and enjoying as he takes sips of the drink. The positive emotion of happiness brings happiness, pleasure, and joy, and attracts other people. The emotional strategy has been used to attract customers and make them want to feel and taste the drink. The image makes Pepsi Max to look attractive and pleasurable to other potential customers who have not tasted or had an experience of Pepsi Max. The image makes other people feel the pleasure and joy that is brought by Pepsi Max, and thus, convinced to buy the product.

Logos, Pepsi Max advertisement, has aspects of reason that gives potential customers evidence and statistics they need to understand fully about the product. The logos of an advertisement give the facts about a product that are crucial when a consumer is making a choice. Pepsi Max advertisement contains the facts about the drink that potential customers need to know. Potential customers can look at the advertisement and realize that the drink has zero calories, and thus, make a buying decision. The Pepsi Max bottle contains the following wordings, “ZERO CALORIES”, this communicates to potential consumers that the drink does not contain calories. This shows that the product is healthy because excessive calories are associated with unhealthy life.

The advertisement of Pepsi Max has established its credibility with the target audience by using an energetic man; this shows that the drink gives the energy that is needed by people. This convinces potential consumers that Pepsi Max is reliable and credible; therefore, an individual should buy the product. The association of the drink with an energetic man persuades many people who want to get energy from taking sips of a drink. The advert also shows that Pepsi Max sponsors football tournaments as part of its persuasion campaigns. It is clear from the advert that the drink gives people energy that is required in accomplishing their daily duties.

The ad targets people who like fun because it has been portrayed as a drink that comes with fun and enjoyment. Pleasure-loving people are the target audience because the advertisement has portrayed the drink as ideal for celebrations and parties. Pepsi Max is a drink that is taken for pleasure, for instance, in parties and celebrations. This is evidenced by the words in the advertisement, which read, “Maximum Pepsi taste”. The tone of the advertisement is informal because it is a drink for fun, thus, using a friendly language that appears nonprofessional. The visual hook of the advertisement is its attractive colors; the colors that have been used to design the ad are attractive to the eye, and keep someone glued to the television.

The advert portrays Pepsi Max as a drink that comes with pleasure and happiness. The designers of the advertisement have used different persuasion strategies to accomplish the goal of attracting customers. The designer of the advert has managed to convince the target audience through his/her artistic expressions that Pepsi Max is the best drink with a maxim taste. Potential consumers feel convinced that Pepsi Max is the best energy giving drink with zero calories as compared to others.


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