Sample Art Paper on Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function

Sullivan’s principle that form follows function holds that the shape of an object or building should solely be based on its intended purpose (Tice and Laseau, 20). On the other hand, Wright argues that Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union (Tice and Laseau, 20). Sullivan’s principle makes function and form two separate things whose only relationship is based on dependability. On the other hand, Wright’s principle argues that form and function are not two separate things but one. Forms and function become one in execution and design.

I select a 2 liter bottle of milk to repurpose. The bottle will be repurposed as a pencil and marker holder for my working table. The empty milk bottle should be cut from the mouth halfway down leaving the holding part intact. The pencil and marker holder can placed on a table or hang using the handle. The pencil and marker holder is round in shape with a wide opening and a handle on the sides. It made of plastic and weighs 31 grams. The milk bottle was white in color thus the pencil holder is white in color. The base of the pencil and maker holder is thicker in material.

The wide opening of the pen holder allows the pen holder to hold many pencils and markers and for quick access to pencils and markers. The handle on the side allows the user to hang the pen holder incase the desk is to full. If the opening of the pen holder was made smaller, the pen holder would hold fewer pens. Nailing the pen holder to the wall would make the pencil and marker holder more effective without putting pressure on the handle.



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