Sample Art Paper on Why We Look at Art

Art utilizes the sense of sight to bring deeper meaning to the things observed by a person. The good thing about art is that it is not restricted to a single meaning, it is free to be interpreted independently by various observers and have all of them considered correct. A single piece of art can evoke different reactions from different people. This has to do with the perception adopted by such person (Khan Academy). The background of the observer also determines the interpretation that he/she will have of art and in effect determines the impact that the art will have on him or her.

There is art everywhere, and it is not a must for one to go to museum or art gallery to experience art (Khan Academy). Nature is artistic on its own, and so are buildings, hills roads, rivers, rock formations, landscapes, the stars, the moon and many other. To truly enjoy art, one should not define it rigidly. Taking such a stance makes it easier to benefit from positive vibes communicated by art.

Looking at art enables a person to stop focusing on themselves and the emotions they are experiencing (Khan Academy). This has a calming and relaxing effect. It also momentarily blocks out all the noise and clutter that is characteristic of modern living. All the tension caused by the chaos surrounding an observer is eased, as the chaos fade out. The fading out of chaos is made possible by the focus that the observer places on the piece of art and as he/she tries to decipher the message that the artist wanted to convey using that art.

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