Sample Article Review on Heroin Addiction in New York

Heroin Addiction in New York

The author in the article is discussing about the issue of drug dependency. Specifically, the author is highlighting the issue of heroin addiction, which has resulted to Methadone addiction. Methadone dependency had been a topic of debate since its emergence. This is attributed by the fact that majority of its users highly depend on it and its minimal side effects apart from addiction and high costs. Much debate has arisen by the announcement of abolishment of methadone. Majority of the public are against the abolishment since no effective drug or approach had been tabled to replace the drug. Additionally, most of the heroin addicts rely on methadone to remain useful to the society and independent.

The notes highlight addiction to heroin and its dangers to users. From the text, heroin is among the most addictive drugs and the worst as its users cannot quit easily. Heroin has been officially banned in most of the nations worldwide, yet it is illegally acquired and sold. Majority of its users are young people within 15-22 years. Due to its high buying cost, heroin addicts tend to indulge in other illegal activities to acquire sufficient money for its acquisition. Apart from the youths, middle-aged people who are economically stable rely on heroin to make them efficient in their daily activities. From the text, it is effortless to try the drug and remain addicted. Methadone remains the main drug used in managing heroin addiction. However, it is also addictive and thus more dangerous than heroin. Additionally, limited institutions are able to deal with heroin addicts through rehabilitation as professions are lacking and the affected remain unresponsive to other treatments. The public has therefore been warned to keep off the drug as the best alternative.

The article has highlighted reasons for and against the use and legalizing of methadone. This article is thus more informative in highlighting issues related to heroin. According to Gardner (1999), methadone has remained the most effective drug applied in rehabilitating heroin addicts. This fact is discussed from the public’s perspectives and several cases included in the study. From personal revelations, the use of methadone has enabled the users remain active and more effective in their families and careers. Heroin users prefer the drug to rehabilitation as its use has been practically beneficial than other applications. It is however necessary to come up with better approaches of handling addicts as methadone has remained more additive than heroin. From the cases highlighted, users of heroin for two years have remained addicted to methadone for at least 28 years. Before its abolishment, “it is necessary to manage the political, social, psychological, philosophical and spiritual aspect as this is no longer an issue of drug addiction.” Furthermore, in as much as the addicts fail to name the side effects of methadone, it remains unhealthy over long duration, since the effectiveness of a person is drastically reduced when methadone has not been used. Gardner affirms that to manage both sides, it is necessary to ensure that everyone is satisfied. This can only be achieved by introducing more effective rehabilitation institutions and ensuring that the availability of the drug is reduced from public acquisition. This approach will enable methadone addicts start rehabilitation classes as the intake of methadone  is reduced.

The information relates to the content learned in class as both highlights cases of heroin and methadone addiction. The acquired information from the article is thus discursive as both heroin and methadone are addictive and costly. Additionally, the public is yet to settle on abolishment of methadone due to is dependency. From the article, ‘Heroin and other opiates work by attaching to the receptors in the brain which are normally occupied by endorphins – naturally occurring narcotics that are responsible (along with other neurotransmitters such as dopamine) for giving us feelings of pleasure when we do things like eat and socialize.’ Thus, the article is beneficial as it discusses details of how the drug affects the brain and body functions.



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