Sample Article Review on Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancies

The case of teens bearing children is a common problem in almost every society, and it leads to various consequences to the young mothers, their families, and the society. According to journal news, when the young females of the ages between 12 and 20 conceive, they experience dramatic changes in their lives. The online magazine reported that in West Virginia, there is no significant change in teen birthrates over the recent years, whereby it is currently about 44 per 1000 teens. Various efforts to curb this problem in the society have not succeeded to fully eradicate the issue Tough Track: (“Tough Track: Teenage pregnancy often brings mom big problems – Journal News | News, sports, jobs, community information for Martinsburg – The Journal,” n.d.).

Thegazette, on the other hand, explains how these pregnancies have become a health issue; according to surveys undertaken. National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy (NCPTUP) study shows that this social problem is more prevalent in the country than in the urban setting. The rates in rural areas are high when compared to the urban setting. Thegazette’s survey show that in some counties in lower states, the rates are as high as 54 per 1000 (“Prevent teenage pregnancies | TheGazette.” n.d.).

The problem of teens getting pregnant has not started today. However, it has reduced, although in insignificant rates, over the years as countries are putting forth all possible measures to curb this societal ill. However, the efforts are not enough. The rampant cases of pregnant teenagers have various impacts on the community. The major consequence is that the young moms end up taking the burden of raising the kids on their own because they rarely get married. A good number of them ask for aid to raise the ‘illegitimate’ children from the public.

The teens drop out of school since they find it difficult to study and raise kids at the same time. They also fear the stigma at schools where other children laugh at them. The victims of teen pregnancies face poverty challenges because most of them do not get jobs. There are also possible health issues that lead to costs, such as teen maternal deaths, complications while giving birth, and malnutrition.

The alarming rates of the teen conceptions have raised concern from the community because the overall burden is on it. Most communities expect the authorities or government to provide measures and action to curb teen pregnancies. Non-governmental organizations have come up to undertake research programs aimed at reducing pregnancy cases among teens. Sex education and campaigns against teenage sex are the efforts employed. Some groups have propped availing contraception methods to the teenagers, though some people feel that it will encourage teenagers to engage in sexual activities without fear, which is not right.

However, shaping of the youngsters’ minds begins at home by guardians. The government is not able to do better than the guardians who can freely talk to their children about teenage sex. Parents are tasked with the roles of shaping the morals of their children. It is recommendable that guardians should be well educated about the issues so that they can deliver the right sex education to curb the problem. They should start open conversations with sincerity in order to communicate the risks associated with their teens getting pregnant. The Gazette suggests that one of the most important things to do from the lawmakers is to consider availing contraception to the teenagers; this might reduce their vulnerability to conceive children at tender ages.



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