Sample Article Review on The Concept of Weight Loss


The article addresses all the important areas concerning the concept of weight loss as well as providing links and resources for utilization in the monitoring and planning of regular consumption. By providing information on the idea of healthy consumption over the concept of self-deprivation, it provides medically sound advice that ensures the achievement of weigh loss without the experience of any adverse effects. According to the article, this concept is emphasized by the importance of proper nutrition in the process of weight loss by emphasis on balance and moderation as opposed to extreme deprivation of specific nutrients, is recommended. In addition to proper nutrition, the article presents the concept of weigh loss as a life-long commitment and not a periodic decision. Thus, it requires maintenance of proper physical activity and nutritional habits in ensuring the prevention of resumption of the undesirable gain in weight.

While many individuals attempt weight loss plans that are not tailored to fit their physiology, the article provides advise that is contrary. According to Briggs, the quantity of consumption for the major nutritive food groups if not only determined by the quantity of required nutrients, but also by physiologically determined serving size requirements. This aspect results in the development of tailor made weight loss plans that suit the individual and not the corporate. This clarification should be included in the article, to help the reader understand that the preparations, consumption data and mood records as well as the consistent monitoring of weight are targeted as ensuring a personal weight loss system. In addition to this, the article fails to mention the requirement of a physician’s advice at the beginning and during the process. However, it is relevant and sound in the requirements for achievements and benefits from the achievement of weight loss.

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