Sample Article Review Paper on Cybercrime

Cybercrime is any criminal violation committed using a computer. The five-very-known
types of cybercrime activities include; data breaching, phishing, cyber extortion, identity theft
and harassment. This is a global problem that is growing rapidly due to the growth of technology
in the society. Cybercrime has not only affected the individuals but also the businesses and the
streams of government. Cyber security needs to be tightened to protect systems, data and devices
from these cyber malicious cyberattacks. This paper will discuss the estimates on the cost of
cybercrime and the examples of cybercrime to the individuals, businesses and governments.

Estimates on the Cost of Cybercrime to:

I. Individuals

Cybercrime has no boundaries it affects the individuals in different ways. The global
approximations on the cost of cybercrime is often released by the cybersecurity firms (Kiely
249). For example, in 2019 an Australian Cyber Security Centre received approximately 144
reports of cybercrime per day that added up to approximately $300m in one year. The rate of this
crime is increasing tremendously due to the new innovations in the field of technology.


II. Businesses

Firms and corporations are not left out in this trend. In fact, they are the most affected
in this field of cybercrime. The crime has not only caused data loss from companies but also
monetary losses have been majorly experienced by most companies (Anderson). Cybercrime
have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic since the workers were forced to work from
home and gave a room to cyberattacks. In the United States the cost of cybercrime rose to $3.5
billion in 2019.

III. Governments

Governments in several countries are not excluded in the list of cybercrime
victims. The government databases have placed themselves in a very threatening position
due to the ongoing digitization in terms of cyberattacks. The government employees face
major threats such as harassment and data loss from their databases. In 2018 United states
government encountered a cost of approximately $13 billion caused by cyberattacks
(Tabassum et al). Although cybersecurity organizations are trying their best to curb this
issue, the cyberattacks are growing simultaneously with the help of technology growth.

Significant Cyber Crime examples to:

A. Individual

Data breach is one of the cybercrime acts that is being practiced by the cyber
terrorists. Data breach is violation where one copies confidential data from one person
and uses it against the owner without being authorized. A good example is an incident
that took place in United Kingdom where the cyber terrorist used another person’s data
without being authorized (Kiely 250). The criminal used the other person’s credit card
information and bought stuffs and the owner was left in debt.


B. Business

Big firms lose data of their clients and they end up paying huge amount of money
to settle the issue. Big companies are targeted since they have big online presence to
serve their customers. In 2014 cyber terrorists gained access to yahoo database which
affected approximately 500 million Yahoo users. The hackers grabbed accounts
information like people’s names, passwords, birthdays and phone numbers (Bilodeau et al
16). This brought insecurity issues to the company and obviously loss money due to
losing clients in their work place.

C. Government

Government brought some of their services online so that they can be accessed
easily by the citizens of which it has benefitted most people and reduced the cases of
queuing in governmental offices to get some services. Although it has helped many
people, it has also fueled cyberattacks to their systems (Tabassum et al.,). In 2018, the
Northern Ireland Parliament offices encountered a cyberattack where the cybercriminals
got access to the member’s mailboxes.

Those taking these crimes to manipulate other people’s data should stop the act
and use their skills on other income generating projects. Action should be taken on them
and act as example to other people who might have followed their steps.
Cybercrime impacts the society negatively. The clients of a certain data-
breachedcompany lose trust of their company which reduces sales of that company
drastically. Also cybercrime activities always misguide people such as pilots and sailors
by providing them with wrong directions.

Through cybercrime one loses privacy and security of his personal data. This can
cause blackmails and personal depression since their private information can be disclosed
to the public.
Briefly, cybercrime violates one rights as there is no privacy in their lives since
their information is exposed. Cybercrime destroys big companies and lowers their
dignity. The most efficient way to curb this tragic disaster is by enhancing cyber security
in our society and avoiding to post private and confidential information in public


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