Sample Article Review Paper on “If Americans Love Moms, Why Do We Let Them Die?” By Nicholas Kristoff

Nicholas Kristoff is a New York Times journalist who, from time to time writes about women’s issues. Other than this article, he has written about the difficult situations women in Africa face and has even been an advocate on their behalf. Predominantly, he writes about child-bearing injuries and the societal stereotype of young mothers where they face rejection. In this piece, Kristoff disagrees with the belief that America is the epitome of maternal healthcare.  He states that despite America’s economic progress, maternal healthcare is declining by the day. Despite Obamacare’s plan to improve healthcare in America, Kristof explains that it is a patchwork at best.  The journalist even compares the American healthcare to other developed countries. He explains that compared to a British woman, an American woman is five times likely to succumb to complications post or during pregnancy. In Britain, medical practitioners attempt saving mother’s lives whereas the American practitioners prioritize saving the baby’s life.

He gives an example of Houston, Texas. Compared to Spain and Sweden, an American woman in Texas is ten times likely to succumb to complications during pregnancy. However, a few scholars believe that mortality increase rate has been embellished. He further explains that the republican healthcare plan would increase the mortality rate in Texas and across America. Maternity mortality is not the only reason for female deaths but the lack of women health clinics and unavailability of Medicaid are underlying factors (Nicholas Kristoff). During an interview with a president of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in Houston, Dr. Lisa Hollier whose main aim is to improve maternal care due to an encounter as a resident. Dr. Hollier simply said that “You can’t die from a pregnancy when you’re not pregnant.”

Statistically, unplanned pregnancies in America amount to almost fifty percent where a third of that population is teenagers. Regardless, the trump government cut over 213 million dollars meant to fund teenage pregnancy prevention programs (Nicholas Kristoff). As much as Obamacare’s aim was to improve medical care, contraceptives are only affordable through insurance coverage. Without the latter, it is next to impossible to afford contraceptives for women across America.

Unlike other countries worldwide who have managed to plunge it by half, America has failed to curb maternal mortality (Nicholas Kristoff). Another issue is that Texas politicians are against planned parenthood due to the pro-life initiative which has in turn led to closure of multiple clinics. California however, has managed to reduce maternal mortality which gives hope that it could be done.

I believe that the United States can curb maternal deaths quite easily due to developed economy. I disagree that unplanned pregnancies are to be blamed solely on lack of sex education. Some individuals may have a scope on preventing unplanned pregnancies but end up having them.  If maternal deaths are to be reduced especially in Texas, there ought to be initiatives that encourage public education. It is important to provide education to teenagers and the youth to ensure that they have a clear scope on contraception and sexual health. As stable as the United States is on other economic fronts, its government should lay out a strategy to help lower the maternal death rate by improving heath care across the country. They should improve their insurance policies to ensure that all plans cover maternal health. Like Kristof, I agree that the fact that women still die during child birth today is utterly shameful.



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