Sample Article Review Paper on Management of Hridroga

The article “Management of Hridroga (cardiovascular disease) with Simple Ayurvedic Drugs- A review” by Suman Singh, Neha Parmar, and Bhupesh Patel uses probability sampling. The sample is taken from a larger population using probability theories. The qualitative study selected seven different medieval Chikitsa Granthas that are used to generate more than 18 herbal formulations for various heart conditions (Sigh, Parmar, & Patel, pp2). The qualitative study was appropriate for the investigation to establish the relationship between the formulation and therapeutic effectiveness from several previously randomized studies.

The selected Chikitsa Granthas and formulations that can be derived therein were chosen randomly and are part of the many that could be used in various attempts to address heart and cardiovascular conditions. The study proved that the formulations could be useful and possess numerous properties. However, it was carried out as a professional scholarly article in line with the requirements of the Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga, and Naturopathy.

The second study titled “Trends and possible causes of mental illness: The case of psychiatry ward in Jimma University specialized hospital, Ethiopia” by Worku, Berhanu Nigussie, and Solomon Shiferaw uses non-qualitative sampling and can be categorized as purposive sampling. The researchers analyzed 636 patient cards, 56 caregivers, 55 psychiatric patients, and about 13 ward staff (Worku & Shiferaw, 5). They concluded that significant depressive disorder, schizophrenia, and brief psychosis were the most prevalent mental illnesses. The research reviewed by the Institutional Ethical Review Board and the techniques such as interviews and questionnaires and subsequent narrative analysis was befitting for the study. These results can be applied by mental health professionals in preventive and curative fields. The results are also subjectively interpreted to include causes of the identified mental illnesses and why the cases were on the increase in society.

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