Sample Book Review Paper on Book Review and Analysis Paper

Book Review and Analysis Paper

To understand the personal or familial experience of disability on a deeper level, you will read a memoir written by a person with a disability (or by someone close to a person with a disability). Recommendations of books will be posted in a Canvas Module, but you are welcome to suggest your own book to me. After reading the book, write a 3-5-page paper that discusses a few of the author’s key or most meaningful ideas and concepts.

  • Include a brief description and a thorough analysis of the author’s views on particular ideas.
  • Discuss ideas in your own words and use few, if any, quotes. Give your perspectives of the author’s ideas, and/or note why you agree or disagree with the author’s perspectives.
  • Identify new knowledge, insights, or skills you gained from the book. Make connections between ideas in the readings with other concepts and theories in rehabilitation counseling.
  • Note what you see as implications of the ideas for the field of rehabilitation counseling. Discuss the implications of these ideas as related to your work as a rehabilitation counselor or how you might apply the ideas in the future.
  • Be careful of unintentional plagiarism – distinguish your ideas from the author’s. This is not a book report or research paper- this is more than a mere summary of the author’s ideas chapter by chapter. Instead, work with the ideas, analyze the ideas, and give voice to your own perspectives!

Grading will be based on the following points distribution:

  • Brief description of the book (5 points)
  • Analysis and reactions related to class readings and discussions (20 points)
  • Overall writing style (if citations are used, please follow APA format; 3 points)