Sample Business Paper on Contract Negotiations and Planning

  1. Introduction
  2. This chapter highlights the following
  3. Definition: Negotiation skills-These are soft skills qualities such as persuasion and cooperation that allow two or more parties to reach a compromise.
  4. Ideas for best practices of negotiation skills
  5. What are the vital recommendations for successful negotiation
  6. Ideas for best practices of negotiation techniques
  7. To understand the principle of negotiation, we must evaluate when used and how.
  8. Various techniques apply for effective negotiation.
  9. Sticking to your principles
  10. Avoid absorbing their problems.
  11. Prepare for a successful negotiation through the following.
  • Before the onset of negotiation, a plan requires to ensure that those involved do not discuss out of topic.
  • A goal ensures that each party reaches to a certain level of agreement and satisfaction.
  • Confidence makes each party stern and not to be intimidated by others’ ideas.
  • Self-interest is vital as no one is interested in negotiating for what does not concern them.
  1. A win-win negotiation
  2. Definition: Negotiation ensures each party exits the bargaining place achieving its goals within the confines without being oppressive or oppressed.
  • Include a matching right
  • Making multiple offers simultaneously
  • Negotiating on damages upfront