Sample Business Paper on Globalization Essay

Globalization is the ability of a company or organization to operate on an international level. Globalization is more like creating a brand in different countries globally as shown by Wells, Shuey and Kiely(Pg 1). For example, a brand like Coca-Cola is a global brand. Obviously, there are many advantages for a company that is global since it enjoys different benefits that are not accessible for other firms. Consequently, international brands compete at a different level and in most cases, such companies stand a chance of being market leaders.  These are some of the general benefits of creating businesses in various nations.

Besides, multinational companies enjoy the benefit of mass production which reduces the cost of production. This is so as, the price of producing a single product is in most cases higher than when producing many products at a go. This enables the company to save some of the expenses and increase profits in the long run. Additionally, businesses that operate at a multinational level enjoy the benefit of a broader outlook of the entire company. In that such companies are in most cases secure about the future since they are immune to some of the challenges that are to be experienced in the future.

However, globalization has its disadvantages. Some companies have experienced such problems such as maintaining quality products in all outlets. Companies such as McDonald’s lost the quality of the products that were produced in different nations. This is known as quality control which affects the sales in the company. Some of the challenges are dependent on the nature of product hence some companies prefer training their staff to produce quality products in all nations. Also, some companies find a hostile environment in different countries. Hence, some products prevail in different nations and fail in other nations.

In conclusion, globalization can be argued as the future for different companies depending on the nature of the product. In that, globalization can be a stepping stone for some firms and a stumbling block for others depending on the different factors that influence globalization.


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