Sample Business Paper on Leadership Development Plan

Life View/Vision
I want to have a life that gives meaning not only to myself but also to others. My life is worthwhile when my actions do not negatively impact the people around me but instead motivate them to be better persons. My purpose in life is to help people grow in their areas of life as I also grow. I do not want to only focus on happiness; instead, I want to be a useful person in society by inspiring everyone to greatness and sacrificing everything for the sake of other disadvantaged people. I intend to live a satisfactory life and embrace a good relationship with the people close to me, such as my family, community and the world. Money and fame will not be satisfying in my life if earned illegally and I will, not engage in unlawful activities to gain personal accomplishments. Where necessary, I will seek to solve conflicts in peace and avoid strife as much as I can. I do not believe in unjust practices because it leads to sorrow and bitterness for those that justice has been denied. I love it when there is joy in the midst of those I am working with, especially during team work.
Work View – Please Clearly document your vision of your ideal work experience?
Work refers to any activities that are undertaken and involve either mental or physical effort to achieve a given objective. Work is closely related to me as an individual and also to others because it affects the way of life or routine. For instance, employees work tireless to achieve the objectives set by the employers, in the process of executing different duties, there are so many factors which arise and they may dictate how the business operates in the production process; eventually, the consumers of goods and services are also affected. A given work is worthwhile if it is rewarding. If the work is done negatively impacts the business internal and external environment, then it is not beneficial. In the process of work, money is involved because it is a factor of production. Money should be carefully planned and rightfully used because it can influence an organization either positively or negatively. Experience is essential in the work process because employees and managers will use their expertise to make informed decisions while being paid according to their skills. Money is necessary because it can be used to expand the production process; thus, growth is realized. Money also determines one’s fulfilment depending on the amount that one is paid for the work done





Leadership Competencies to  Enhance Leadership Competencies to Develop
Interpersonal skills; I ought to enhance building relationships, collaboration and teamwork. Good relationships will help me to avoid conflicts while teamwork will enable me to contribute ideas to solve given issues.





I need to develop leading organisational change, which will be essential in implementing new strategies an organization.
Odyssey Plan

Which Odyssey Plan Will be my Focus

The plan I choose will be; the story I tell today, this is because what I say today affects how the future will look like





Ideas for Development

What actions will I take to enhance my Leadership Competency Strengths or to manage my Weaknesses or Fatal Flaws?


I will be attending seminars and organized workshops so that I get the opportunity to interact with different people and to reason critically. I also intend to set aside enough time to read more about leadership and how to improve my skills.




Turning Ideas Into Action – Action Learning Project

What ideas will you implement?


Development Goal:

Being Innovative

Specific Actions I will take:

Being updated on current issues and trends

Attending seminars and workshop to be exposed to the other people’s ideas

Date Actions will be complete:


Ways to keep my focus on this goal:

I will keep myself accountable and plan for every activity I undertake so that I can get the time to develop the areas of interest in my life.



Potential Barriers or Obstacles:


How to overcome them:

I will be planning for everything and evaluating the progress I have made on a single day

Support and/or Resources I may need:

I will need professional advice and an accountability partner to help me be on track until I realize my set objectives.