Sample Business Paper on Leadership Influence on Employee Morale


Employees play a crucial role in promoting a company’s brand to potential customers. They need to be motivated since their morale impacts on the production outcomes of a company. Most organizations have implemented employee-based leadership cultures in creating the optimal work environment. For instance, Google has an innovative culture that focuses on project competitions to boost its employee morale (Tran, 2017). On the other hand, some organizations such as Netflix struggle with low employee morale. According to Blair et al (2017), Netflix does not have a published mission statement; a factor that is detrimental to its performance should the trend continue. Therefore, this paper aims to identify the key leadership challenges that disrupt employees’ performances by focusing on Netflix. The study will systematically review previous studies on the role of management in influencing employee morale, develop strategies that Netflix can adopt in promoting its employee morale, and consequently, boost its brand performance.


From the review, four themes affecting employee morale were identified, namely; communication, system of governance, diversity management, and employee empowerment. Foremost, Netflix can adopt the use of open communication to instigate a positive work culture between its employees and the management. The company can also initiate employee empowerment through training to boost their creativity and innovation. Moreover, Netflix should adopt a top-down system of governance so that its employees can have autonomy in most decision-making processes. The strategies will create an optimal working environment for its employees, while instigating a culture that appreciates employee diversity.Any organization can adopt the strategies as a guardrail when incorporating leadership changes in the organization. However, the strategies developed from the study findings are not exhaustive. Moreover, a company can engage its employees to find barriers that hinder effective leadership, and develop strategies that are culturally congruent to the company’s needs. Therefore, the leadership style adopted by an organization influences the working culture of the organization, employee morale notwithstanding.




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