Sample Business Paper on Marketing Through Social Media

Marketing is the act of buying and selling commodities. Social media is an internet-
based platform and a worldwide thing, and it is currently used for marketing. Most people
nowadays are using media for various reasons: marketing since it captures the attention of
many (Syrdal & Briggs, 2018). Also, according to Statista, over three billion people use
social media for business purposes. Many people log into social media platforms, thus getting
involved in the various business of their interest. Social media have advocated for some
advantages such as low cost, creating awareness and attention, and providing support in
Low Cost
Elimination of intermediaries during online marketing greatly advocates for a cheaper
trading process. Intermediaries tend to charge extra fees than required by the seller. The new
media helps people communicate between the seller and the customer before directing them
to their site to access their desired commodities. Big companies like Amazon use this type of
marketing where customers visit their site to window-shop before buying. This company
advertises its contacts on sites such as an email or a Facebook account for direct
communication with customers. Trading social media platforms have led to self-employment
from a very humble start. For example, one may start a business without renting a business
room or building since one can directly sell his services or commodities online, lowering
Creating Awareness and Building Attention
To become customers, they have to be aware or have information about a business,
thus advertising using new media like YouTube. Social media platforms play a vital role in
creating attention and awareness. Posting a commodity or creating an advertisement and
linking it to social media platforms creates awareness for the target customers. For example,

one can post pictures of the commodities they sell, like clothes, attaching the prices and
contacts. People share ideas with friends in most cases if they are satisfied.
Providing Support
Social media provides solutions to many problems affecting business. People give
feedback when using media such as Facebook and Twitter for trading. This feedback enables
the business owner to monitor their business’s challenges closely. Creating a system that
tracks customers’ comments, responds to buyers’ questions and concerns pays attention to
any criticism, and makes the customer feel heard helps resolve many business barriers
(Author, 2021). Once a problem is solved, the chance of the same error being repeated is
minimal. The cooperation of both the buyer and the seller ensures the business runs smoothly.
Business Growth
Chatterjee and Kar (2020) suggested that social media has contributed significantly to
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), especially in India. Through social media, customers
identify new services, products, and brands of their choice. Social media feedback enables
companies or sellers to improve their services brands and meet customers’ needs or
expectations. Social media lowers the cost of the sellers or suppliers by only allowing them to
identify their customers quickly, thus giving no room for them to make huge losses; for
example, a car company ferries a car abroad to a customer who made an order online.
In general, social media saves time and expenses for both the seller and the buyer.
The customer need not physically attend a shop to access a service or a good instead can
make an order online through the various social media platforms. The seller delivers the
service or the good at a cheaper cost. For a business to attain more customers, advertising is
needed. Social media is one of the most influential platforms currently; many companies have
to use it to capture the attention of very many people. Feedback from social media platforms

where a business is involved helps it grow and run smoothly if the external and internal risks
are solved for; customers, employees, partners, and suppliers in the industry (Cao et al.,
2018). Social media is the most crucial outlet for business right now since large population
logs into it, as mentioned earlier; thus, if one needs their business to grow, social media is
currently the priority outlet.



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