Sample Business Paper on Modes of Production

Modes of Production

Production is a vital element in people’s survival. Production ensures the air is oxygenated sufficiently. In addition, plants provide food while regulating the water cycle. Production of plants ensures steady supplies of medicine since the highest percentage of medicines are synthesized from plants. Dickson Despommier’s video on vertical farming is a combination of both industrial and agricultural technology. As an agricultural technology, the vertical farm in Dickson’s video will increase foodproduction tenfold by producing ten acres worth of food in one acre vertical farm. On the other hand, industrial technology involves the use to innovative technology to create a self-sustaining city. In addition, as an industrial technology, the vertical farm will utilize engineering and manufacturing technology to increase efficiency of food production and facilitate simplicity. Industrialism and agriculturalism are important in sustaining a comfortable life on earth. However, they have advantages and disadvantages.


Industrialism enables the mass creation of many beneficial products that would be impossible to produce without industries.(Johnson & Wield, 1992) Applying industrialism in agricultural production ensures the average agricultural productivity per individual is high, thus, able to sustain an ever-increasing population. Apart from agricultural production, industrialism ensures other amenities like good health, age-old security, and education, are maintained. However, industrialism can be a threat in terms of producing resources that are not renewable, increasing population bulge, and consumption of inflated amounts of energy per individual (Hewitt & Wield, 1992)



Agriculturalism ensures there is a sustainable food supply. Sustainable food supply is vital for survival of humanity even in times of famine, droughts or man-made catastrophes due to longer durability. Specialization of labor is possible through agriculture. Use of new farming methods, such as the ones highlighted by Dickson ensure geographic limitations of agriculture are reduced. Agriculturalism leads to an increased population that becomes more difficult to sustain (Reid, 2011).


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