Sample Business Paper on Online Marketing Strategy at Procter & Gamble

Online Marketing Strategy at Procter & Gamble

Executive Summary

Online marketing is one of the techniques that could prove pivotal in the growth and development of Procter & Gamble. It is likely that the  company will face challenges in the attraction of customers and enhancement of profitability if its current marketing strategy is not addressed(Bailey 23). This study focused on the development of an online marketing strategy as a way of attracting more customers, which in turn would ensure that the company’s profitability and competitiveness are enhanced.

Interviews were conducted with the company’s top managers, and this was vital in the strides towards the embrace of a new online marketing strategy. Interviews were also conducted with the employees of Procter & Gamble regarding the effectiveness of the present marketing stray, how they are involved in marketing the company, and whether they would welcome a new marketing strategy. It was found that the company faces stiff  competition and the number of customers is dwindling. To address these challenges, the following were recommended :

  • The company should establish numerous Facebook pages to keep in touch with its customers, and make them aware of its current and new services and products.
  • The company should leverage on LinkedIn to reduce brand awareness among customers.


Marketing is critical for the growth, development, and expansion of organizations and companies (Bailey 22). A major concern is whether Procter &Gamble is on the right direction when it comes to marketing and promotion. Through the embrace of online marketing, Procter & Gamble will overcome the stiff competition from rival companies and the annual loss of customers. Online marketing is a modern way of marketing and promotion, which has been fundamental in the growth, development, and success enjoyed by most organizations today. This is owed to the fact that the technique enables organizations sell their products and services without having to get into one-on-one contact with customers. Also, the technique enables organizations overcome barriers such as distance. Essentially, online marketing is cheaper, and would help Procter & Gamble cut on costs.


Overview of Research Process

To get opinions and contributions regarding the embrace of an online marketing strategy at Procter & Gamble, interviews were conducted with the company’s top managers. Interviews were also conducted with the employees of Procter & Gamble. The latter gave opinions on how effective the present marketing strategy of the company is, how they are involved in the marketing process, and whether they would welcome a new online marketing strategy. The research also involved a conduction of a survey of the operations of the company to gain insight on the influence of the current marketing strategy on the company’s operations. 

Background on marketing at Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble leverages on print and mass media to market its products and services. Also, it has established numerous stores worldwide to ensure that customers easily access its products and services. These strategies have notenabled the company overcome the challenges of stiff competition from rival companies and the annual dwindle in the number of customers. A change of the company’s strategy is essential if more customers are to be attracted, and in turn, more profits recorded. The only solution to the company’s incessant challenges is the embrace of an online marketing strategy.


Significance of online marketing

The study found that the embrace of an online ma strategy would enable the enhancement of communication between Procter & Gamble and its customers. Through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, the company would be in a position to receive direct feedback from customers.

The study also found that an enhancement of Procter &Gamble’s marketing strategy wouldbe essential to the communication between stakeholders. It was argued that the anticipated online marketing strategy would prompt the establishment of technological equipment that would boost communication between the stakeholders, particularly between the top managers and the employees, an aspect known as vertical communication.


To ensure the challenges such as stiff competition and loss of customers are addressed, the following were recommended:

  • Procter & Gamble should leverage on Facebook to market its products and services.

Facebookis one of the leading platforms that business organizations leverage on to reach their customers (Stelzner 1). Several organizations have pages on the site with numerous followers. Through Facebook pages, organizations inform their customers about new products and services, their costs, as well as the venues or stores where they can be purchased. In the recent years, Facebook has been among the leading online marketing platforms. Procter & Gamble should focus on having more followers on the site to achieve its objective of profit maximization.

  • Procter & Gamble should use LinkedIn in the marketing and promotion of its products

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful marketing tools of the 21st century, andit is used worldwide in over 200 countries (McCorkle and Yuhua 159). It is used more for business purposes, and this underscores the fact that more organizations have turned to it to market their products and services. It has helped foster partnerships between organizations and has also played a key role in enhancing brand awareness. Currently, Procter & Gamble shouldbecome an active member of the social site, and thiswill help the company market its products and services.


The embrace of an online marketing strategy is important for Procter & Gamble. Not only will the strategy help the company overcome stiff competition from rival companies but it will also attract more customers. Moreover, the strategy will help the company reduce the costs incurred in day-to-day operations. The key challenge faced by the company’s customers is the lack of awareness, and this can better be addressed by the embrace of an online marketing strategy.

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