Sample Business Paper on Organization Structure

A business structure can be categorized as either traditional management model with the top management at the peak of the hierarchy and lower level employees at the bottom of the pyramid or inverted pyramid management with employees at the top hierarchy and senior managers at the bottom. However, the choice of the structure is influenced by both the size of the entity plus the industry it serves.

Benefits of Inverted Model

The inverted model has different benefits to an organization. The method empowers employees with managerial skills such as decision making. Besides, it aids in interconnecting both the workforce and the management thus building a strong bond between them to enhance teamwork. Lastly, it assists in training workers to acquire self-actualizing skills to help them in exploiting their potential.

Choice of Organization Structure

Considering the characteristics of the two models presented, I prefer working in a traditional organization structure due to numerous factors including reduced influence from a firm’s management. Additionally, it promotes easy interaction between departmental managers and their staffs to ensure the achievement of overall objectives and long-term plans. As such, this will promote relationship building at the divisional level and enhance career development among lower level workers.

Current Organization Structure

My current firm has adopted a central organization structure that entails the president at the top and casual workers including the driver and mechanics at the bottom. The real structure consists of the President, followed by Estimator / Project Manager Senior, Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Design Engineer, and Rank and file (Projects Manager, Office assistant, Foreman, Mechanics, Apprentice, and Driver).

Employee Empowerment

I always feel a considerable level of empowerment in the workplace. Initiatives such as clear communication channel help to ensure proper directions are given in the workplace. Furthermore, being an office assistant, there are clearly defined roles I should undertake in the department.