Sample Business Paper on Project Scope Management

Organizations achieve their objectives by accomplishing projects that target their goals. Marchewka states that project scope is the critical work that is needed for the project to make it presentable (2016). Moreover for a team to meet the scope of the project, the manager must define what the project requires, which include the budget, collecting project requirements, and the deadline to accomplish the project (Kerzner, 2017). The manager should present a graphical presentation of the significant task, verify the scope, and monitor the project throughout the process. Therefore, if I would take the described measures to ensure that work completed by my team conforms to project scope specification.

As a project manager, there are many ethical dilemmas, and a significant one might be how to deal with safety standards as required by the project. Based on the budget constraints, the project manager has the duty of bringing the stakeholders a sufficient project budget and at the same time, ensures all safety standards get accomplished. The dilemma of cutting down the costs of operation while compromising safety measures may lead to consequences, so making the right decision is essential (Kerzner, 2017).. All the stakeholders and members of the project should come up with a budget that considers all the vital measures as required by law.

Changing the scope of a project would require a formal process where all the changes get documented appropriately, as agreed upon by all the project stakeholders. A proper decision-making process where all the stakeholders decide on the proposed changes is essential for changing the scope of the project. Approaches used to improve the scope of the project differ depending on the required changes (Marchewka, 2016). Some require a collaborative approach, while some require adjustments that the project manager can make individually.


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