Sample Business Paper on The Business Model Canvas

Business Paper on The Business Model Canvas

Key Partners

EmbraceBio and Imagene labs.

The partners manage key functions provided by the company. For instance, the Imagene Labs provides key fitness, nutrition, and skincare services to the consumers


Key Activities

Asia Genomics Holdings provides molecular diagnostic services in Singapore.

Provides proprietary database of gene tests

Consistent and useful tests reports for clients



Sample Value Proposition

The company provides value to consumers through offering quality test services.

The company has many subsidiaries and is progressively the increased demand for healthcare services related to gene testing and analysis.


Customer Relationships

The company has creased created unique and mutually beneficial relationships with the clients.

In responding to the increases demand for its services, the company has ensured efficiency in its operations. For instance, it understands the value of good customer experiences and ensures accurate and prompt test results. For example, the firm ships samples from its consumers to U.S labs through air to ensure security and prompt results.


Customer Segments

The company segregates its genetic testing market based on various categories. For instance, the market is segmented by disease conditions. Based on this, cancer testing attracted the highest testing among the targeted consumer bases.

In addition, the company targets patients with chronic health conditions with its vitamins and dietary supplements.



Key Resources

Active operation of the company’s partners is vital. Strong consumer trends in the prevention, wellness, and healthcare living.


The company markets its services through its websites. They use, online sites such as Facebook and print media



Cost Structure

Asia Genomics aim to minimizing related costs of operation through competitive pricing strategies.

Averagely, patients pay $4000 to receive the company’s test kits.


Revenue Streams

The consumers of the company’s services are willing to pay more for quality and prompt delivery of test results and supplements.

The company targets the global market for consumer health products present valued at about $217 billion and is estimated to grow to $253 billion by 2021.




Work cited

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