Sample Business Plan on Business Case for Security Lab in Organization

Security laboratory is introduced to reduce risks in organizations both externally and internally. It is meant to guard an organization’s assets against intruders and individuals who could be using them to fulfill their self-interests. In planning to establish a properly functioning security lab, the case considers the following factors. That management should consider the kind of security lab they deem necessary for a business. The type of assets will determine what needs to be protected, that is, either soft data or tangible assets and the organization’s mission. If the security lab is to protect tangible assets from theft of high-value equipment, sabotage, or diversion of use from the intended, the management could set a security lab to cater to those requirements. This could be through; installation of security doors and select a specific individual to be a key holder, install video surveillance, roof barriers, strong doors, an alarm system, and maintain locks to any door. This will deter any person from accessing to tamper with the company’s assets. To protect the soft data, the management should implement the use of a password; backup all the company’s information, and shredding of sensitive records.

In planning a security lab, the management should come up with a realistic budget it will be able to fund with the available cash flow. This will help in making sure that the security is not rendered redundant due to a lack of funds. The budget should involve both the costs of the gadgets to be installed to enhance security and the cost to be incurred in hiring additional personnel who would be monitoring the security measures. For instance, video surveillance requires personnel who will monitor it and give feedback in case an event takes place. The costs of training staff in the area of using passwords, using secure doors need to be considered. This is essential in avoiding resistance during implementation. When planning, procedures to evaluate the systems should be put in place too. This will help the management to detect threats like, nonperforming systems, duplication in case of keys and locks, or viruses.

The case will help the organization learn to safeguard its assets both tangible and non-tangible from damage or theft. By use of a backup system, the organization would be in a position to trace the data in case of damage or theft of existing information. The case would also help the organization to implement the security lab method it would be comfortable to fund and facilitate its periodic evaluation. The use of a password would protect the confidential information of the company from being accessed by an unauthorized party.

Business Case for security lab should also take into consideration cost-benefit analysis. This would act as a guideline to help organizations make viable decisions. The cost-benefit analysis will present all the costs and the accompanying benefits as a result of implementing the idea of a security lab case. This will help the management since the costs and advantages would be well elaborated. In addition, the security lab helps save on costs that the company could have incurred as a result of damage and theft.

The benefits of a security lab in the organization are, it help companies comply with the legal requirement. Other benefits are it facilitates in protecting companies’ assets from vandalism, sabotage, theft, or unauthorized access. In case of theft, for instance, video surveillance will assist the organization keeps track, and in case of an event, it would help get the person liable and compensate for damage caused. Security lab also helps the company have backup information in case of lost data.