Sample Business Proposal Paper on Visionary Capital Group

Business Overview

Visionary Capital Group (VCG) is a human resource consulting company to be headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company will focus on filling the existing market gap in virtually all human resource areas, first locally and then internationally, as it grows. The main target for the company will be start-up companies that find it difficult to create strong standalone human capital departments in their organizations, either due to limited financial resources or strained human capital. The business founder and owner, who will serve as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will be leveraging his past as well as current professional and personal relationships to generate and spearhead business for VCG.

Business Mission, Vision, and Objectives

The mission of Visionary Capital Group is to provide excellent human consulting services to start-up companies with a major focus on helping our clients increase profitability by enhancing efficiency in human capital management. VCG will seek to attract and retain its clients by providing services that exceed our customers’ expectations (Kirton & Greene, 2019).  The company’s vision is to be the most competitive and preferred human capital consulting company in the country.

To achieve its vision and mission, the company will seek to achieve various objectives. These goals have been developed keenly to ensure that they are congruent with the overall strategic vision of the company. The first objective of the company is to create a service-centered company that aims to exceed our clients’ expectations. Secondly, VCG will seek to increase its market share by increasing its clientele base by 15% annually. Thirdly, the company seeks to harness the power of enhanced technology to improve efficiency in service delivery, thus reducing the cost of doing business. As a result, VCG will be able to offer competitive prices to our clients profitably.

Service Portfolio and Market Overview

Visionary Capital Group understands that the starting point of having a successful company is the creation of a strong services portfolio. Our services are centered on our company’s expertise, client requirements, and existing market gap. As a way of attracting clients, the business shall charge below market price rates while at the same time offering the best services in the market (Li et al., 2018). Servicing pricing will significantly differ from one client to the other as rates will be based on pre-contract negotiations. VCG will offer the following key services; Employee and Labor relations, Human Resource Policy and Procedure, Position Classification, Payroll Management, Performance Evaluation, Diversity Management, Risk Management, and Human Resource Strategy.

Any successful organization requires a strong understanding of its market. As a result, VCG has critically analyzed its target market in line with the services currently being offered, its competition, and business trends. In line with the current business trends, VCG targets the emerging market, majorly made up of start-ups.

Company Start-Up and Management

It is estimated that the company will require approximately $75,000 as its start-up costs.  The investment will be used to fund the initial cost of licensing, acquisition of an office and office furniture, stationery, computers, and employee salaries for the first three months. The founder of VCG has a business degree and undertaken the BAS Program. Working as the CEO, he will leverage the extensive skills gathered both in college and in various work areas to create a competitive and effective consulting company.

Visionary Capital Group, a human resource consulting group to be headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, will focus on filling the existing market gap in human resource services. The main market target for the company will be the emerging markets, majorly made up of start-ups. VCG targets to increase its market share by increasing its clientele base by 15% annually.  To achieve this, the business shall charge below market price rates while at the same time offering the best services in the market and adopt cutting edge technology in the provision of its services.


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