Sample Business Reflection Paper on professional growth attained during my master’s program

Prepare a scholarly reflection paper describing the artifacts in the portfolio and how they demonstrate skills, knowledge, real-world application, and mastery of the program objectives.
Explain professional growth attained during the master’s program or explain your professional skills to a potential employer.

Write a reflection paper that:

Reflects on your professional growth during the master’s program–
What were your strengths at the beginning of the program and how did you leverage them to succeed? (List at least 3)
What were your weaknesses when you started the program (List at least 3)
How did you address them?
Are they still weaknesses?
What additional professional development can you do to continue growing in these areas?
Describes each of your artifacts presented in your profile, the associated skills demonstrated, and how those skills would be beneficial to the employer.

Write a 2,100-2,800 word APA formatted paper.

The document should include:

Title Page
Personal Development Plan
Reflection on the Course (what should we stop doing, what should we continue doing, and what should we start doing?)
References – 5 or more references using APA format