Sample Business Research Paper on Apples Brand

Apples Brand


It is one of the world most famous brands that have ever existed. This is because of the quality of the products that the company manufactures. The company is involved in the manufacture of different products and services ranging from desktop computers, laptops, ipod, iphone, ipad and apple watch and apple pay. This revolutionized the technology world in the sense that the technological gadgets are becoming smaller as well as being sophisticated. The company core competences are based on the user interface the gargets delivers to its customers an action that have seen the organization remain the most powerful market leader. The firm changed its business course from a manufacturing computer company to a mobile devices company under the management of Steve jobs. This boosted the brand name by a great deal. This essay deal with the use of the apple’s brand to negotiate, preserve and communicate the individual and group level of identity (Heuser, 2010).

The use of apples brand in Negotiating

In negotiating the brand at an individual level, I use the brand to conduct the following activities. The first thing that I do is to negotiate for the price of the garget which reflects the quality. Prices for apples products are relatively high in most cases and for most products. However, this price is very precise in the sense that the company concentrates and focus of the production of quality products that serves the customers to meet their expectations. Secondly, we have the quality features of marketing strategy for the products (Heuser, 2010). This is where quality is considered before any other features of the brand. It enables the products to perform in such a way that they exceed customer’s expectation at a group’s level as well as at the individual levels. Quality is paramount to any other feature in the sense that it defines the operational level of the product. Thirdly, I use the brand for promotion purposes. Brand identity is very important when it comes to the purchasing activities as well as selling activities.

In case I am purchasing any electronic item, I look for the brand, which is well known for its performance. For my case, I always go for the apples products that are widely used for their quality (Chang & Bloomberg News (Firm), 2013). Some of the features allow the customers to connect to other users of the same brand. This insinuates that if a person encounters any problem, he or she will be in a position to connect to other users hence able to get help without necessarily enquiring for help from the company. The entity uses a logo that is identifiable at ease by its customers. This works well for the apples goods in the sense that counterfeiting becomes a difficult encounter. Therefore, the organization is able to jealously guard its reputation as well as its brand name in the local and global market. Below, we have the logo of the apple used in branding its products.

Figure one represents apples logo

From the figure above, intellectual property is based on thinking beyond the box and incorporating new ideas into the production of goods and services. Thus, the image is very unique in the sense that it resembles a real apple. In addition, the logo is a symbol of quality (Chang & Bloomberg News (Firm), 2013).


My use of apples product in preserving the individual and group identity comes in different forms. These forms represent electronic products as well as mobile devices. In case of electronic devices such as the television set, I use it in storage of important programs. It helps me to watch a program that was aired in my absence. This means that preservation of information is possible with the use of an apples television set. On the other hand, mobile devices have large storage spaces for information. Mobile phones such as the iphone are very convenient in terms of service delivery and duration. Most of the features enables an individual connect to a wide range of people hence able to share information. In addition to the storage space that these goods are manufactured with, the brand is also crucial to the facilitation of the marketing strategy. This is because of the facts that customers are driven to buying the products through psychological selling. In a group level, the brand name has not only distinguished the product in the market but also differentiated the product among the competitor’s substitutes. The brand preserves and helps maintain the sales (Champniss & Rodes, 2011).


Communication is one of the most powerful inbuilt features and services that apple products offer to the market. At an individual level, the brand name communicates about the quality of the services offered. Some of the products that I use for personal activities involve the laptop, iphone and apples television set. The laptop has served me for a long period of time hence I value the brand so much. Furthermore, breakdown is very rare hence it reduces the cost of repair thus improving the duration period. User interface allows me to conduct the activities that are within the executable capability of a computer. Apples iphone is a destructive strategy that aimed at redefining the mobile industry. Most of the inbuilt application enables customer connect and communicate with people. Despite making calls, applications such as face book and whatsapp are social platforms that have surpassed all odds in making social network an effective medium of communication hence facilitating information sharing. Apple has formed a community of users who forms part of the loyal customers. It offers customized services to users depending on subscription to create freedom of choice. In case of any innovation, the community is informed about the ordeal an action that helps to sell the brand as wide as possible. I also use the brand name to sell other products affiliated to the company (Bullmore, 2010).


In conclusion, we find that the company has invested in various fields such as the mobile industry, electronic industry and motor vehicle industry. This has seen the company brand itself as the most innovative organization that offers exclusive services and products that surprises its clients. The introduction of ipod into the market opened way for electronic products manufactured by the firm. This intensified the competition where competitors have continually invented new products to compete with apples products. I have benefited a lot from the use of apples products in a number of ways such as communicating, preserving information and negotiating for prices. Communication is necessary for human being because it helps them pass information from one place to the other. Thus, investing in the communication industry has enabled the company tackle the challenges involved in communication activities. Therefore, many people have shifted to apples goods due to the quality of services provided.


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