Sample Business Studies Case Study on Poland Spring Water Company

Poland Spring Water Company emerged as a small domestic mineral water bottler trying to ward off stiff competition in a fast-growing market that includes superior brands such as Perrier and other local and international brands. Poland springs bottles 100% natural spring water sourced from carefully selected springs in Maine. The water from Maine contains an outstanding naturally occurring crisp and refreshing taste. Since its inception in 1845, Poland Spring has witnessed substantive growth to become the most dominant water bottler in the North East region. As demand for bottled water continued to increase, the Poland Spring company has also grown to service the international markets.

Poland Spring marketing strategy rides on its strengths, which include innovation, loyalty, strong brand equity, and outstanding market prices (Cohn). Since its establishment, the corporation stood as the most significant water bottling enterprises of the time and commanded great respect and loyalty from its consumers. At the moment, not so many bottling companies exist thus giving the firm an edge over competitors. Similarly, the company’s innovativeness from selling water jar to designing unique water cans has helped sustain its business over the year. Additionally, being among the earliest water bottling company, Poland Springs enjoys unwavering brand equity in the market the unique and directive name the firm has earned greater value premiums compared to the generic equivalents of other entities in the market. Additionally, its prices have been moderate and considerable making it possible to sustain operation for sucha lengthy period.

In spite of the notable strengths of the company, several shortcomings hinder its excellence, including a lack of awareness among consumers and diversity. During the company’s establishment, little media access, limited opportunities for advertising brands, and creating awareness among consumers. Poland Springs has since adopted various advertisement strategies to increase brand awareness in the market share (Ricci). Another challenge for the company’s excellence is the lack of diversity. Apart from bottling natural spring water, the company has made little efforts to diversify their products including beverages and soft drinks like other companies.

Poland Springs has collaborated with other developers in a campaign dubbed All for One & One for All, a social campaign to create awareness for all who do not have access to clean and safe water to promote its brand,. The organization recognizes that it is increasingly difficult for one individual or party to make a global change (Gordon). Poland Springs understands that that it needs to work with its stakeholders to hydrate the entire world gradually. The main idea of the campaign is not to make an instant impact in the world but offer lasting solutions that will be useful even after many years. During this campaign process, the enterprise intends to collaborate with local experts and the community to design a sustainable solution in their areas of operation. The company has facilitated the setting up of wells, pipe system, rainwater harvesting system, and BioSand filters in a bid to make water accessible to all.

In the spirit of corporate social responsibility, the Poland Spring company felt obliged to intervene in the pertinent issues facing humanity, including water scarcity, political instability, and poverty. Together with other partners in the One for All & All for One campaign, the corporation has set up coordinated efforts to provide running water for years in Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America. Besides that, Poland Springs spares a portion of its sales per bottle and dedicates it to charitable work (Gordon). The campaign is not only meant to benefit the society but is also a means of increasing Poland Springs’ popularity and reputation. The organization understands that some consumers in the contemporary world may consider switching from one brand to another for its association with community development courses.



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