Sample Business Studies Case Study on progressive conflict resolution

OPER1160 – Marking Guide for Group Project   Team:

  Mark Comments
a) Formatting (3 marks)

·        Title page included

·        Report body contains-Introduction, Four Questions with Headings, Conclusion, Header/Footer with pg. # & topic, and a copy of this Marking Guide.

·        Tables and charts are used effectively & correctly in the body of the report.

·        12 font – Calibri  with 1” margins, 1 or 1.15 spacing

·        maximum of 6 pages of body, including charts but not the Bibliography or title page




b)  Contract, Progress Report and Log Book (8 marks)

·  Completed the contract and progress report and turned it in on time

·  Filled in the log book and attached it to the project

·  if required, progressive conflict resolution was performed in a professional manner utilizing the log book and contract guideline









c) Peer Evaluation (4 marks)

·  rating done for each person on each criteria factor

·  explanation of two best things and two things needing improvements

·  percentages assigned add up to 100% or less

·  no one person exceeds the max. allowed

·  all must approve before it can be marked

·  if this part is handed in late but still in same calendar day, zero for this part.  If later, zero for paper.

·  attach at the back of the paper




1) Analysis

a) Costs Comparison (3 marks)

·  calculations done and work shown to justify costs

·  totals and conclusion clearly stated for the reader




b) Four Performance Dimensions or Criteria

(12 marks – 3 marks for each)

·  four additional choices of criteria,  justified by your research

·  did  NOT include cost as one of these criteria

c) Relative Weighting and Matrix (12 marks)

·  explained how you decided on relative weighting of all five criteria (4 + cost)  (4 marks)

·  explained how you ranked each company for your criteria (4 marks)

·  utilized weighted matrix model properly to evaluate the two choices (3 marks)

·  chart embedded, labeled, titled and referred to in

paragraph prior to the chart (1 mark)









  Mark Comments
2) Stated Final Recommendation (4 marks)

·  clearly stated decision

·  gave summarized reasoning from analysis in 2) above






3) Benchmarking Performance Measures

(8 marks – 2 marks for each one)

·   recommended specific measurement(s) for each criteria selected in 2) above

·   included reasons for choice

·  was specific




Proofing – spelling, grammar, plagiarism – (up to 12 marks off)

·        Must use plagiarism software provided in the Group Project Drop Box.  No need to attach the Turn-It-In report, but if no Project final report in the Dropbox by the due date and time, marks deducted and you must submit before the Project will be marked.




d) Research done and Bibliography Created
(4 marks)

·  Minimum of one article per team member

·  references done in APA format

·  looking for database references over articles extracted from internet sites.


e) In-text Citations (2 marks)

·  APA format

·  built credibility












Total                                                              /60                    



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