Sample Business Studies Essay on Reasons for Business Process Management Failure

Reasons for Business Process Management Failure

Business process management (BPM) entails various strategies that enable a firm to attain its probable goals. The management embraces these approaches in an effort to formulate the best outcome. However, there are various challenges that hinder the progress and success of procedures in business management.

Human resource is one of the biggest problems. If a manager formulates strategies in any company, there are individuals who will be against them. In this situation, it is essential for the management to come up with approaches that the staff will support in the entire firm. Evidently, if most of the workforce is not in support of the BPM strategies, there are chances that the company will not succeed in attaining its goals. It is also important to note that these strategies that are established by the firm tend to fail. This happens when owners of various enterprises and influential stalkers are not encouraged that this project will be practical.

Another aspect that contributes to failure of Business process management tools includes failure of other vital departments in supporting the project. In this regard, coordination from different departments is vital to aid in financing the projects (Jeston 93). This is a vital step to ensure that the projects benefit the firm in a great deal. On the contrary, the tools of business process management will not turn out to be successful. This is if stakeholders and owners of the business will fail to support the plan especially when they perceive it not to be workable.

It is vital that when the management formulates the project, all the departments across the organization should support it. It is also mandatory for the information technology department to be a section of the project to enhance its success.


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