Sample Business Studies Essays on Business Administration

With a degree in Business Administration, five years from now, I would love to be a true apparel expert in an industry with a successful end-to-end project management experience as I look to grow into a more senior marketing analyst role. Business Administration offers a wide range of opportunities, such as developing writing and communication skills and enhancing learning and leadership opportunities (Bueno, 2017). Thus, leading a finance team at some capacity is my career is one of my future goals. I have always looked forward to work with members from diverse organizational departments such as the legal and procurement department. This initiative will help me to develop streamlined organizational processes that fits into my educational background. I would like to manage my team because of my current inspirational managers, who inspire me to stand out in my job, which requires organizational expertise. In the short-term, one of my goals is to continue developing my written and communication skills. Using these skills in marketing, I would like to establish a company and make it a leader in the specific industry. I would also like to use writing skills to help various brands to become leading publishers globally.

My chances of achieving my career goals are high because I always put enough commitment, hard work, and sacrifice towards achieving them. At my place of work, I always encourage my team members to engage in collaboration. Collaboration and interaction with team members often help to improve leadership skills (Sohmen, 2013). Moreover, I usually write marketing strategies and memos for my organization. I believe that these and other platforms provide a perfect opportunity for me to improve my written and communication skills.



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