Sample Business Studies Essays on Improving Engagement

Improving Engagement

The emergence of new technologies especially the Internet have revolutionized organizational communication. Through platforms such as websites, organizations and individuals alike have streamlined their communications strategies and activities. The resulting efficiency and effectiveness is founded on the customizing these websites to meet the communication needs of the organization, and achieve customer satisfaction. In particular, more emphasis is being laid on adding interactive features such as chat options and links with social media pages. Important aspects of internal and external organizational communication and relationships such as real time personalized interactions are given greater importance in today’s business environment. The Coggin College webpage has good attributes that make it an effective communication platform. However, that are also unique opportunities that can be exploited to facilitate the ability of UNF to achieve its objective of attracting and retaining students.

The Coggin College website has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use. The website has excellent hosting services which facilitates faster accessibility of information via the internal and external links provided. Users have the option of logging using their UNF or Coggin credentials. It also has the added option of an internal link to login into the ‘myWing’ platform. The sign up process is simple and quick while users can check out hustle free. The personalization of content upon sign up enhances users’ experience. Users also have the convenience of connecting to social media page such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These features underscore the college’s commitment to attract and retain students especially millenials.

Attracting and retaining students call for curating communication processes and platforms with the needs of students at the back of the mind. Therefore, the college adopted a website design that allows for incarnation of relevant and unique content geared towards achievement of this objective. Users can access vital information about the institution including its history, goals, mission, vision, and the management team including the profile of the dean. Contacts and directions are also provided in a pull down menu that is comprehensive and includes internal links to other information such as courses offered by the college and the corresponding institutes and centers. Such attention to detail is critical in ensuring that the overall message relayed by the college through the website is as persuasive as possible to achieve the desired effect; more students retained and enrolled into its various academic programs.

However, there is need for college’s administration to adopt new technologies that can help in exploiting the full potential of the web 2.0 technology that has been used to develop the website. To enhance the achievement of the institution’s objectives and goals, there is need to add an interactive live chat feature. This feature will facilitate real time communication between the students and the college’s help desk. Inclusion of online transaction options and mobile phone compatibility can further improve user experiences. To ensure safety of student information, the website should also incorporate multistep login verification.

In conclusion, the Coggin College webpage is customized with the sole of objective of enhancing user experience. The inclusion of user-friendly features such as social media platforms and drop-down menus, attention to detail, and good hosting services facilitates the ability of the college to attract and retain students. However, there are opportunities such as inclusion of love chats, secure login, mobile phone compatibility, and online transaction features that can be wisely exploited to further improve the website.