Sample Business Studies Paper on 2007/08 financial crisis in the U.S. and Madoff’s scheme

This write-up is to be completed individually. Max length is 5 pages single-spaced (references
page does not count toward page count), clearly organized (i.e., use the question numbers below as
headings), 1” borders all around, computer-typed in 12 font Times New Roman, and following standard
guidelines for quality college writing and citation formats (MLA or APA).
1. Watch Season 1 episodes 1 through 4, including, of the Bernie Madoff ABC miniseries here:
2. Discuss the connection between the 2007/08 financial crisis in the U.S. and Madoff’s scheme.
3. Who were the key stakeholders in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme? Discuss their contribution, if any, to Madoff
being able to get away with it for so long.
4. Are there Ponzi schemes in other countries and how are they similar/different from Madoff’s? Do some
research and give a few examples, justifying why or why not.
5. Does the movie have any bias, faulty reasoning, or important missing information, in your view? Ask
yourself if the movie presents a balanced view on all sides of the issue, does it use emotionally-charged
words to appeal to viewers’ emotions, does it use reliable sources, etc. If you find a bias, discuss what
the director could have included to make it more objective.
6. What are the key post-Madoff reforms that the SEC implemented (see starter reading on syllabus + do
some additional research)?
7. What lessons about your life and work (or future co-op assignments) stood out for you?