Sample Business Studies Paper on A Healthy Lifestyle

According to Maslow, the most important aspect of life is those things that have the greatest meaning and positive effect on our lives. For instance, in my life, in spite of the many distractions and luxuries of life especially on campus, my education is the most important. This is because it holds a more promising long-term satisfaction, as compared to the others that only offer short-term satisfaction of unnecessary needs. Therefore, the notion that the satisfaction of one’s needs should be leveled on one’s short-term needs that have been influenced by others, but rather by one’s primary needs that one can generate positive outcomes that enrich their lifestyles and social responsibility.

According to the article, the graduates are advised to arrange their priorities in a manner that satisfies their personal, emotional, and moral attributes. For instance, in spite of the students and their need to earn a lot of money, it is more esteemed that they primarily consider their ethical needs rather than peer influence. Adherence to one’s ethics often results in one living a lifestyle that is healthy and enriches their social welfare, as well as those of their peers, family, and friends. This is essential for ensuring that social responsibility rules one’s life, rather than social irresponsibility. For instance, a choice between making money in a job that is busy and denies one free time to socialize or associate with friends, and another that is less demanding and less paying. Between the two choices, the latter seems more reasonable since it will ensure that the individual is happy and has lesser worries. They tend to be less lonely, which is important since it promotes a healthy lifestyle that is devoid of illnesses, stress, or depression.