Sample Business Studies Paper on ABC Inc.

ABC Inc.

ABC Inc. was started in 1946, and it operates a TV channel. The company’s programming encompasses a late night and daytime syndicated program, motion pictures, news, music appears, and recompense appears. Additionally, the company provides an application that enables the customers to view ABC’s full scenes on PCs, cell phones, and tablets. Apart from taking part in creation improvement, circulation, and the creation of entertainment activities, the company also offers DVDs and T-shirts over the internet.

The Problem

The inability of the companies to access adequate and qualified directors has become one of the main challenges for multinational corporate to expand their global operations. The increasing use of information technology in the society and the efforts of opening and developing emerging markets have prompted global organizations to view the significance of scholarly capital and human resource the same as those of financial-related resources. In a multinational organization, excellent human resource management focuses on acquiring the right people in the right place matched with the right duties (William & Worrell, 2016). These global managers are integrated into a robust system which they can influence and distinguish rapid global knowledge. To coordinate and make all these work, there is need for a comprehensive information system with a qualified IT professional who can set the system and ensure that it is coherent.

Stakeholders and Company Requirements

The needs of interested parties and the prerequisites represent the perspective of those at the operational level of the business or venture. People at this level include the acquirers, clients, and various stakeholders as they relate to the issue at hand, as well as how they can offer solutions for the needed administration in different situations. By applying level life-cycle ideas as a direction, stakeholders are taken through a procedure that is much organized to address their needs. The needs of stakeholders are transformed into a distinct set of stakeholders’ prerequisites, which are noted as a report encompassing prerequisite literacy explanations, or as a model. The needs of stakeholders take an integral part in the designing of the framework because:

  • They structure proposition of framework pre requisites activities.
  • They Structure the proposition of stakeholder acknowledgment and framework approval.
  • They act as a correspondence medium between the fund office, specialized staff, stakeholder group, and administration (Jonasson, 2016).
  • They offer a perspective on exercises of confirmation and reconciliation.

Pack up the Back-ups

Passing down valuable information is a crucial part of disaster recovery. However, the information on reinforcement circles, plates, or tapes can be stolen and used by an individual who is not part of the organization (Committee, 2011). Some Information Technology managers keep a backup in the server room on the main server. There is need to provide a secured safe or drawer at all time to secure the server.

IT Support and IT Policies in an Organization

IT support and policies are critical for any organization that employs the use of computers, software, the internet, and email. The policies and support enable employees to understand what is expected of them by the employer in addition to coming to terms with the relation of IT and the overall objective in place. Policies include acceptability of IT technology, IT services, Disaster recovery, and security guidelines. According to NCBI (2017), support and policies enable the organization to protect its information, maintain hardware inventory, data security, and retention. On the other hand, it will enable the company understand and strategize on productivity and lost time for example in the overall internet usage. Policies and support play a critical role in steering the direction a company takes and in helping it achieve its general objectives.

Practices relating to Professionalism and Incident Management

Culture is varied from one place to another. For instance, the Indian and American society has distinct practices. One way in which these two cultures differ is in the family relation. Hence, the best professional practices and incident management are different depending on each society. The best approach will be to exercise professionalism following the ethical standards.

Best Trouble Shooting Strategies

As an organization, it is crucial to check out that every component of the system is working efficiently. The IT technician should time to time ensure that the IT components are effective and safe. In the event that the system is breached or is not functioning properly, the IT manager should identify which program still functions. In addition, the manager should determine whether the system can send and receive email. By doing this, the IT manager will be able to determine the extent to which the system is affected.


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