Sample Business Studies Paper on BRIO Tuscan Grille

BRIO Tuscan grille constitutes one of the restaurants owned by the BRIO Restaurant Group and considered as one of the key vehicle that has enabled growth for this company. It is a full service restaurant that provides upscale affordable and authentic northern Italian cuisines. According to the restaurant’s philosophy, a good life is found by eating well. As such BRIO is connotes lively. The Italian dishes in this restaurant are prepared using the freshest and finest ingredients majoring mainly on pastas fresh seafood, steaks and chops. This is evident when I visited the one of the branches of BRIO Tuscan grille in Rancho Cucamonga at Victoria Gardens. The bread and butter brought by the waitress tasted very fresh, had good seasoning and delicious. Similarly, the Caesar salad provided with Brioche croutons was good and fresh.

Looking at the menu in this restaurant, it was very nice and simple making anybody to easily choose from the variety of dishes provided. One side had the various foods and drinks provided while the other side was entirely for the variety of wines in the restaurant. Among the foods provided by the restaurant in the menu was Pasta Alla Vodka. This Italian dish can be served with spicy tomato cream sauce, garlic or basil among others. Furthermore, BRIO Tuscan grille has a very nice interior and architecture from the observations made. The inside was very beautiful with nice ceilings, sinks and wood grills. The three restrooms observed and the open kitchen was also clean and nice. This makes BRIO Tuscan grille a very comfortable and nice place to dine and wine.

On the other hand, some negative observations were made in the BRIO restaurant at Victoria Gardens. Poor customer service delivery and hygiene are some of the overarching issues noted in the restaurant. To begin with, it takes too long for a customer to get his or her ordered dish. This is because one has to sit for a long time while the ordered dish is being prepared by the cooks in the kitchen. Secondly, dealing with customers according the way they want their food served was also an issue of concern. This was evident in two circumstances. The first instance involved bringing of cold sauce forcing me to tell the waitress to go and heat it again. My food was brought back hot and delicious.

The second instance involved my interpreter who also had issues of cold food. She noticed that the Pasta Alla Vodka she ordered was cold too.  On her part, she requested for her food to be re-cooked which the waitress agreed to. On bringing back the food, the issues of hygiene arose because there was hair on her Pasta Alla Vodka. This must have brought about the fact that one of the cooks had an unkempt beard. After complaining to the manager about this issue, he became very rude making the interpreter to cancel her order. I also did not my order after this incident.

Considering the fact that BRIO Tuscan grille is known for its fresh and delicious meals issue of customer service and hygiene should be looked into. Serving customers with respect, being friendly and improving on attitudes are fundamental. Cooks and waiters should also be clean to avoid issues such as those of hair in food. With such measures, the restaurant can continue to be successful by attracting more customers