Sample Business Studies Paper on Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is strategic direction firms take to meet the new ever-changing needs of their target customers. CXM offers an innovative approach to how to assess, create and evaluate all processes related to customer experiences. It is a holistic approach and involves the whole organisation and takes all human senses into account. In today’s business environment, creating excellent customer experiences is one of the most important trends and is a compelling way to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. Customer expectations have changed tremendously mainly due to the rise and ever presence of smart devices, the Internet, both online and offline.

CXM is a new way of integrating technical possibilities, face-to-face relationships and social skills to create new opportunities. To do so, companies must first carefully select their target customers, study their needs and expectations. After that, companies must develop processes which capture the interactions and engagements with the customers and evaluate the emotions and experience outcome thereof.


With the above background in mind, your assignment is to create a case study as follow:

You can investigate your own employer or any other company from the perspective of the customer experience. You can either take the perspective of BtoC or BtoB. Bring your own reflections on your own experiences as a customer. You can also investigate from the digital viewpoint when being in the customer in the digital environment.

Analyse the components of producing and managing the customer experience and the customer journey or part of it – paying particular attention to critical touch-points/contact points. Make a report on customer experience development activities. Critically consider development opportunities and justify your suggestions. You can also develop a new concrete operating model. Pay also how the perceived customer experience could be researched and measured in the future.



  • A case study
    • Presentation
    • Written report


  • Company name and industry: vision, core mission and strategic goals
  • The specific features of the industry
  • Competitors and differentiation from competitors
  • Company value proposition
  • The main target groups and the channels used

In more depth:

  • Management and organizational culture, values and customer-centricity
  • Customer needs and expectations, service offering, barriers
  • Customer journey: before the purchase, during, after
  • Brand / company touch points, pointing out the critical touch points


These are the instructions for the whole assignment, so you can better understand what is required. However, I need only the part for the Customer Journey—3 pages for the report (about 1650 words) and three slides for the presentation. The case study is based on Uber. Thanks