Sample Business Studies Paper on Digital Marketing Strategy

Paper content requirements:
-This is a Digital marketing proposal(in the area of PPC for a company called greensphere with the link below
– This project is about digital marketing and the proposal must provide feasible solutions within the area of pay-per-click (PPC) such as paid keywords and pay ads and etc based on evidence investigating/analysis of the website of the client provided above. So we need to propose the best solutions as our marketing strategies specifically in the area of PPC (there are many strategies within the PPC such as paying for keywords, paid ads, and many more but we need the best few strategies). For example, if one of the solutions for this client based on your expert analysis of the client’s website is changing the new keywords you need to clearly mention what keywords are the best and WHY are the best. You need to indicate/pinpoint any shortcomings/mistakes in the area of PPC of the client’s website based on evident analysis of the client’s website and propose your best solution to improve their traffic and gain more customers and better revenue. The proper expert PPC analysis of the client’s website is the most important part of proposing the solutions.
Then in the implementation part, you need to propose the tools(the most famous and affordable websites or applications) to implement these solutions. It means you need to clearly and specifically explain HOW to implement these solutions using these tools. In the last part, you need to explain WHAT are the challenges and issues for implementing these solutions.

so the questions to be answered in the PPC digital marketing strategy for the greensphere company are:
1-Digital Marketing Strategy as per your area(The area is called pay per click or PPC) so we need to propose the best solutions
2-Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation as per your area
3- Challenges & Issues

Other parts of the project mentioned below will address the following issues. So we should not explain about the company backgrounds. Introduction or other stuff. Please work on the 3 questions above and directly explain what solution and why the solution in the area of Pay per click area, how to implement it, and what are the challenges. and address these directly to the point. This is an expert digital marketing project and should be done by an advanced professional in this field. Please avoid any general stuff and sentences from the internet since we need expert proposals in the area of pay per click of digital marketing and we need specific useful pragmatic famous and latest websites/applications to implement these solutions and finally the challenges. we need to be specific in your proposal/solution for the client since the client’s goal is to improve its website traffic based on these solutions in the area of PPC. All these are based on your expert analysis of the client website. It should be clearly mentioned that based on your expert analysis of the client’s website this part of PPC campaign the clients website is weak and needs to be improved by your solution that’s why we propose this type of solution. Then which websites or applications can help us implement these solutions?
These issues are going to be addressed by other members so please AVOID explaining the following
the Company Overview – from your understanding and research
Markets & Products – from your understanding and research
Competitor Analysis – from your understanding and research
Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
Objectives of your section of the report as per your area such as PPC, On-site, Off-site SEO etc.- whatever your topic is
Digital Marketing Audit as per your area
Budget Recommendations
Suggested Calendar for the client
Suggested KPIs & Metrics for the client

Resources requirements:
The format of the resources provided needs to strictly follow the following guidelines
The paper must include APA 7th in-text citations and APA 7th edition references 2-All reference links must be valid and can be found by clicking on it 3-References must be from Recent Databases and peer-reviewed journals and well-reputed articles. (it means when the hyperlink address of the reference in the reference page mentioned is clicked, the associated site is required to be opened, and the content of the article must be accessible to read for everyone- please do not use articles with membership/subscription access since these type of articles or papers are not accessible for everyone) 4- All sentences and paragraphs must have in text-citation referring to the references at the end of the paper. 5-The in-text citation must follow the APA style 7th edition 6- Reference pages must have APA style 7th format, + the hyperlink web link must be provided for the references as well (the web link of the references must be in BLUE hyperlinks(Ready to be accessed by clicking on it and accessible without having to subscribe on the website) 8- Please use Grammarly for proofreading to check the correctness (make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes) in terms of clarity, engagement, and delivery. These items should score above 99 percent using Grammarly. 9- Please avoid any short sentences created by bots or sentences without meaning since this paper is an advanced paper from the highest-ranked expert writer in the chosen field. 9- 0 percent similarity