Sample Business Studies Paper on Dubai market: digital marketers

Our idea: Create an app/website in the Dubai market which aims to connect generally smaller businesses with videographers and general digital marketers.

In Dubai, I know many talented young people that can edit in photoshop, create videos, take photographs, etc. They face an issue of not being able to find customers as they have nowhere to advertise their work; most of them are on Instagram but cannot grow.

There are also many small businesses with young owners; these shops are in various markets such as coffee shops, restaurants, beach or casual apparel, etc. The younger owners are trying to keep their costs low, making our app suitable for them.

Our aim: To connect young business owners through the app to advertise their products at a low cost (which is more suitable for them) and also give the young editors a chance to work, get money, and experience their future.

We currently aim to keep it a low-cost start-up, but then believe we can grow to have a more significant business and high-quality videography.

I know someone that owns a marketing agency and provides these excellent services. They told me they recruit younger interns alongside their primary team. They told me the younger interns have trouble finding a job to work on as they would like to be with smaller projects and grow further. Therefore, we can provide these interns with an opportunity to improve.

Must add interactions with the companies in Dubai about marketing (it does not need to be real so just create a scenario where a business in Dubai can help improve the business)

How will we make money: We will make money through service fees. We will receive a sure % of the price for every transaction. We will do our best to ensure that the editors only work for us to keep the same customers loyal to us.

Teacher feedback to use for the paper:
it’s an interesting service specific to a country; the basic structure of the transaction seems to make sense, but I think more can be decided/thought about what services will be provided and how they will be displayed/advertised, how designers and customers negotiate and set prices, and how platform/you can make money out of that, eg, what if people try to transact outside the platform; website and what you want to do on the web has many possibilities, so try to attract visitors not necessarily money at the beginning

You discussed some processes of implementation in the abstract, but I think it can be more concrete and focused on who will or can build the platform or website you want; see for instance if you can find online someone in Dubai who can do that in return for equity of your startup; and also it would be worth talking to both sides of the market, eg, find/talk to some designers and find/talk to some small businesses about your new service, then you can learn more about your project and how to implement it