Sample Business Studies Paper on Footsteps of Khadijah al-Kubra

Read the case and answer the questions.

we would like you to perform analysis of three cases from the IE Library:

Practical Case : DANA: In the Footsteps of Khadijah al-Kubra. Women Banking at the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (FIN010173-U-ENG-WOD) Please answer these questions:

What do you consider the strengths and weaknesses of Dana as a separate brand? Do you consider it possible to replicate this model in other diversity groups? Discuss the management strategy that can be applied to the management team in order to draw the maximum benefit of the new brand strategy as well as how they can limit the potential drawbacks.
Analyze the distinctive features of women-only banking in ADIB. Discuss benefits and challenges from the employees perspective, from the customers’ perspective and in view of the product development.
Can women-only banking be as successful in other cultural contexts?

Practical Case : Innovation at Play: Gold Certificate Financing by Amana Bank (FIN010213-U-ENG-WOD)

Build a comparative table comparing the conventional pawning versus Shariah-compliant gold certificate financing.
Please conduct a SWOT analysis on the product.
What is the commercial and operational impact of the Shariah requirements? Is the feedback from the Shariah scholars justified or an overreach?
What are the different types of risks applicable to the product? Based on the details provided in the case, comment on the strategy to mitigate the risks. What would be your proposal to improve the risk management framework?

Practical Case : Jordan’s Sovereign Sukuk: a dual solution to both liquidity management and financing (FIN010228-U-ENG-WOD)

Compare and contrast the Jordan Sukuk and a conventional bond.
Compare and contrast the Jordan Sukuk with the Sadara Sukuk
Explain why you think that Jordan issued Sukuk instead of a conventional bond.
Map the stakeholders during the Jordan Sukuk issuance process.