Sample Business Studies Paper on International Business field

The essay is a country analysis report in International Business field and the target country is CYPRUS !!!! THIS is to provide you with an opportunity to expand your international perspectives beyond Canada and or your home country.
Your analysis should cover a brief history of the country, a description of the business and economic environment of the country, the political environment, the socio-cultural environment, and the potential for future economic development in the country. The paper should be written from the perspective of a Canadian Investor who has engaged your services to examine the potential viability of the country for future investment. You should include relevant statistics concerning trade and investment in the country, its major imports and exports, current account data, demographic data, major trading partners, trade disputes with partners, and so on.
For this assignment, you are providing advice to Canadian investors who may be interested in various industries. Besides analyzing the comprehensive country profile, you should also offer advice on industry selection, indicating the most suitable industries to invest in and the ones that should be avoided. The advice provided should be based on objective information from your analysis, not on subjective speculation.
Material should be covered but not limited to:
Physical Environment / Forces: Location/ Topography/ Climatic conditions/ Infrastructure

Population Demographics: Age, family size, income/ Housing /Employment statistics/Skill level of labour force

Culture: Religion/ Language/ Business / General customs / Norms/Gender equality / Treatment of women

Political Issues: Type of government/ Incidence of terrorism/ corruption/ human rights

Legal Issues: Basis of law/ Contract law

Economy: GDP/ Income distribution/ Specific/ relevant fiscal policies

Currency: Value in relation to USD or other global currencies/ Trend over time

Trade: Trade policies, tariffs and non-tariff/ Government incentives/restrictions towards FDI etc

Balanced of Payments/ Imports / Exports (top 5 or more if relevant)/ Major trading partners / unions

Business Landscape: MNEs present/ Dominant industries
The analysis report should be written as ESSAY (NOT point format) within 6 pages. Format should be in 12-point Times Roman Font with 1-inch margins and double-spaced. All normal citation requirements should be followed. Footnotes and/or endnotes are fine. Please do not “cut and paste” the paper together from internet sources. It should be written in your own words. Internet sources should be no more than 50% of your total sources – there should be footnotes and a bibliography and you should use at least 15 sources for each report.