Sample Business Studies Paper on Issues in International Management

You are required to produce a critical evaluation of 2,000 words (+/-10%), excluding
appendices and references.
The report should use appropriate concepts taken from this course to provide critical
evaluation of three most critical challenges faced by managers in companies/organisations
operating in the contemporary business world and critically analyse how they could be
Use real-life business examples to illustrate your points and provide a list of
recommendations to business leaders aspiring to ensure prosperity of their organisations.
Assessment Criteria
• Focused response to essay topic
• Does your essay answer the questions asked or go off the topic into irrelevant
• Critical and analytical ability
• Do you analyse existing arguments and think what is good/ bad/ missing/
limiting about them?
• Use of theoretical/ conceptual frameworks/theories/models
• Do you refer to existing theory/ies model/s in developing your arguments?
• Use of examples to illustrate points and justify arguments
• Do you use examples to illustrate your arguments? E.g. examples drawn from
• Consideration of leadership approaches
• Do you consider what leadership approaches could be helpful/instrumental in
practice in the international context?
• Use of relevant credible sources
• Do you reference quality sources (e.g. books and research articles) and
include a wide range of relevant sources?
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QB5502 Issues in International Management
• Writing style and flow
• Do you use appropriate academic/business English, paragraphs, and linkage
sentences? Is your essay structured and organised to aid comprehension? Are
your references cited appropriately?
• Do not search the internet for information and merely present it as your own. You
must interpret the information and critically reflect on it. Remember the Bias
Questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How)
• Be prepared to put in independent study and research
• Wikipedia is NOT an academic source and will be marked down. Use the library to
access peer-reviewed academic journals and text books, especially when
discussing theories, concepts and methodologies
• Plagiarism is taken very seriously and the consequences are severe, so make sure
you properly reference your sources
• Assignments are to be submitted via Turnitin ONLY