Sample Business Studies Paper on Leadership Journey

Effective leaders are developed and defined by the desire and willpower to be great. Additionally, the leadership journeys of most aspiring leaders are supported by consistent self-study, education, training, and experience. Leaders repeatedly work and study to progressively improve their leadership skills to support career plans and goals essential in empowering them handle managerial challenges. The leadership concepts and models presented in the course have instilled confidence in employing my voice to express thoughts and feelings without doubting my ability. Consequently, I have learnt that to become an inspirational leader, I must have an honest understanding of myself, what I know, and specific tasks I can accomplish.

I need to be more professional to convince my followers that am worthy of being followed. Furthermore, I have discovered that good leaders bolster confidence by fostering and nurturing a two-way communication model. Per Turaga (2019), what and how a leader communicates can either forge or ruin the relationship between the leader and his or her followers. In my future career, I plan to foster a two-way conversation with my followers to address tasks that I am willing to do.

Mindful communication best supports my career plans and goals. Howes (2018) contends that mindful communication is a technique allowing people to focus their attention on active conversations while highlighting how to manage personal egos likely to hinder effective communication.  I believe that my relationship with family, friends and co-workers can flourish if I train myself on the art of mindful communication. Going forward, I plan to adequately investigate aspects of communication that actively engage people in conversations and the negative influences that derail effective discussions. The BetterUp assessment and coaching concepts learnt through the course will be essential in shaping my leadership journey by focusing on mindful communication. In view of the lessons learnt, I plan to display empathy by helping other people deal with challenging situations. Besides, I plan to demonstrate effective leadership skills by reframing stressful events into manageable challenges by thinking logically, clearly and calmly at all times.

My leadership journey largely depends on the skills and concepts learnt throughout the course. I find mindful communication to be essential in supporting my future career plans and goals. In future, I intend to demonstrate confidence and eliminate likely doubts hindering my ability to freely express thoughts and feelings. mindful communication will present me with the opportunity to confront managerial challenges by thinking clearly at all times, even during stressful occasions.




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