Sample Business Studies Paper on Marketing Plan for Toyota Electric Car

Marketing Plan for Toyota Electric Car

Branding Strategy

Toyota is well known for its creativity and manufacturing quality automobiles. The new model, Toyota Prius, will express the great capability that Toyota has in endeavoring to make environmentally friendly models (Nonaka & Peltokorpi, 2006). In order to establish a strong brand, vehicle quality and simplicity makes the vehicle stand out in the competitive automobile market. A slogan such as “Toyota, for clean world” will be used to pass the important of embracing the new model, which is friendly to the environment. As a sign of great success in developing green companies, this brand will be a great step in advocating campaign against pollution. Toyota makes use of Kaizen management programs, which plays a great role in management decisions. This new product was created because of great values that Toyota advocates, which is in line with global environmental programs to reduce carbon emissions significantly (Lave & MacLean, 2002).

This model is a low cost but high quality product that has taken creative minds to design (Nonaka, I., & Peltokorpi, 2006). It is expected that this model will act as an icon that will reveal the values adored by Toyota Company, which in reality considers its impact to the environment and at the same time focus on the comfort of the customers. The model is created with efficient electrical system that powers the car to move and entertains the customer with great uniqueness (Efficiency & Energy, 2006).

Toyota has a great reputation in its product, a reason that has seen it overpower GM to become the leading automobile industry in the world. The reason why customers have faith with Toyota is because of the high quality products, which are designed to serve all kinds of persons. The new model will build on the great reputation that is already established as a result of considering the customers taste.

Placement Strategy

The main procedure to purchase Electric Toyota Prius is through local Toyota dealership. Strategic positions for this dealership will ensure easy access for the interested customer. For the customers who are loyal to Toyota but not aware of the new electric Toyota Prius, the new car should be placed strategically on top of stands  outside or inside with special signs all around in order to extenuate its presence in the market and draw attention from the customers.

Major exhibitions will be used to create wide awareness on the new model in the market. Apparently, the greatest success in the new model is that the technologies behind it will enable customers to save on fuel. The new model comes great with features such high artificial intelligence.

Advertisement Strategy

Electric Toyota Prius is a top quality model that offers amazing variety of features and great benefits to its customers. It is a car that complies with environmental requirements with no pollution to the environment (Lave & MacLean, 2002). In order to manifest these great benefits in Canada where nature is threatened by high pollution in the environment, unique marketing theme will be implemented. These marketing themes will be displayed in all markets in the campaigns for utilization of clean energy in automobile industry. Although Toyota will be doing marketing to different countries with different culture, the “clean energy” strategy will be a necessary universal situation that most individual and organizations would recorn with. The main underlying goal for the “clean energy” strategy will be focused to inform the customers that Electric Toyota Prius is the environmental problem at hand, and will seek to create a conducive environment for human habitation. The media vehicles that will be used to peddle campaigns, promotions, and advertisement for the new model will be radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, direct mail, transit media, and outdoor advertisements events.


Television is considered to be the largest mass media vehicle that is today because of its wide coverage. One strategy that will be used to spread the information to a wider area will be partnering influential Television in Canada such as CTV Two, TVA, Great West Television, and CNN. In order to make appropriate use of this media vehicle, different commercials will be broadcasted in different but common message will be passed. Celebrities in different fields such as music and sports will be used as ambassadors for the new brand. Most importantly, Toyota wills endeavor to collaborate with key environmental management organizations in advocating for use of clean energy in automobile industry (Itazaki, 2009).


Radio is a reliable media because of its high repetitive ability. In addition, considering the cost, it is cheaper and suitable for special target markets. Radio is a good option because of its great geographical flexibility, high mobility rate and suitable for local coverage. These facts make it a suitable support media that will be used to reach the locals who like radio program. Radios from different countries will be used as platform to familiarize the new model to the locals


Internet is suitable for capturing customers who like using online option to conduct their business. Social media in the internet is an influential platform that capturing can be used capture the young generation. Toyota will make use of licensed automobile websites for online purchasing. Blogs and websites will be used to advertise the anew model in order to capture the global market.

Outdoor events

In order for the customers to be able to see the great value of Toyota brand, it will be necessary to sponsor important events. These sponsored events will enable Toyota to capture the target market that has the same value as Toyota believes. In most cases, it is expected that these events will strengthen the potential customer purchase. One of the great ideas that will be considered in establishing a strong trust to the customers is through opening doors for the customers to visit the manufacturing bay and experience the amazing procedure that make the brand unique and compliant. Exhibition to express the great experience in the electric car will be used to familiarize the customers with the new model. One method that can make the customers have experience in the car is by providing rental option for tourist and interested persons. Rental services will be offered for a period of 30 days to allow customers familiarize with the car. It is expected that after the customers familiarize with the car they will like it and be propelled to purchase it.

Outdoor advertisement

Transit and billboards advertisement are useful media in most regions of Canada. Canada has well established public transport system, which allows commuter from the outskirts of major cities to comfortable work, and go back to their home after work. This therefore means that the commuters see billboards places in the station 10 times in week, which is actual large frequency that can significantly create major awareness of the new electrical Toyota Car.


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