Sample Business Studies Paper on Organization Research and Theory

In her article, hiring the very best, Tracy Mullin (2005) describes the different management approaches, organizational structures, and how to increase employees’ morale and productivity in an organization (Mullin, 2005). This is important in ensuring that the very best talents are retained within the organization. Organization design is a stepwise methodology that identifies dysfunctional aspects of workflow, procedures, and structures and realigns them to fit with the goals of the business. The author states that leading Human resource experts seem to agree that traditional management approaches are not working well.

 The effects and applications of the various organizational structures

Businesses use different forms of organizational structures that have an overall effect on their core business.It can either be centralized or decentralized. In the former, all decisions, directions as well as processes are defined and handled by the top management. As such, there is a clear chain of command and fast implementation of decisions and reduced task replication and improvement of the overall quality of work. However, it is an autocratic approach hence not suitable for large and modern organizations (Ahmady et al, 2016). It is also less attractive for the best talents because it does not delegate work and decision-making processes.

In the decentralized structure, the decision-making processes are delegated to the managers at the middle and lower levels by the top management. delegating management functions to promote effective supervision and control of employees, quicker decision making, and improved customer service (Ahmady et al, 2016). However, the structure is characterized by improper business coordination since different people have distinct opinions therefore, it can be challenging to convince employees to cooperate.

  Impact on employee motivation, morale, and organizational culture.

The author discusses how to motivate and increase the employees’ morale with some illustrations from various companies. Foremost,


The retail business world is constantly changing.  To cope, organizational structure, design, and employee motivation are key considerations for the success of the businesses. Organizational redesign strategy should be figured out whenever the success of the businesses is not forthcoming as stated by Tracy Mullin (2005), in her article, hiring the very best.


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