Sample Business Studies Paper on Recruitment Strategy

Organizations use different recruitment strategies to fill various positions in specific departments with the most suitable and productive employees. The recruitment strategy employed by different organizations often depends on the nature of work and the required skills in a specific department. Higher learning institutions at the State of Maryland often prefer digital advertisement as the ideal recruitment strategy, and it has proven to be successful in the increasingly modernized society. I got my job at higher education by making applications online, a common placement strategy at Maryland State. My organization prefers to use digital advertising as the ideal recruitment strategy because of its ability to reach out to a wider scope of the target employees. The digital recruitment strategy entails advertising, online assessment and physical presentation for interviews before selecting the qualified candidates for the vacancies (Krylov et al., 2019). The fundamental reason for my organization’s preference for digital recruitment strategy is that it is cognizant of the increased reliance on technology by many people in the higher learning institutions at the State of Maryland. Based on the recruitment process I went through to secure my job, I can accurately assert that it is relevant to the emerging needs in human resource management in modern society.

I first saw a digital advertisement at the online job placement sites with a detailed description of the requirements for all the candidates during the summer break. The job description accurately represented my area of specialization prompting me to make an application. In the Job description, the advertisement specified the tasks that the employee should perform and the necessary skills for qualified candidates. Having attained all the necessary qualifications for the job, I was subjected to a competitive online assessment and physical interview process, and I was lucky to secure the job.

One of the striking impression of the digital recruitment strategy in my institution is that it offers successful candidates the opportunity to give feedback on the effectiveness of the whole process. I had the opportunity to give my feedback on the process and I gave two recommendations to my job description. First, I recommend that the institution extend the digital application to different social media platforms to increase the scope of the target candidates as well as developing its brand. I further recommend that my institution to design an ideal digital candidate selection process where all applicants and recruiters will have a positive experience through the process. This should include assessing the candidates for the required skills, offering insight into the institution’s culture and offering relevant previews for the job description. I believe the origination’s recruitment productivity will significantly improve should it adopt these recommendations



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