Sample Business Studies Paper on The Benefits of Uber Application


Uber is a world’s leading transportation network company which uses a mobile device that makes transportation of passengers very efficient. Uber is a very creative, innovative, efficient, convenient and reliable smartphone application that connects passengers and drivers (Dong et al, 2014, pp2, paragraph 3). This transportation network was founded in 2009 by Kalanick Travis ND Garret camp (Nistal & Regidor, 2016, pp1 paragraph 1). Uber is believed to have expanded to more than fifty-eight countries, therefore, making it international. By 2015 it was estimated that approximately 62.5 billion of people were using the uber mobile device company.

The main aim of the creation of the transport network company was to ensure passengers connect to a driver which is mainly on the internet. According to Dong and colleagues in page 2 state that this application works by indicating the location of the driver so as passengers can identify the location of an approaching vehicle hence easily being able to approximate the arrival time of the car (Dong et al, 2014, pp2, paragraph 3) .This uber mobile device also shows fare, time and distance. The transportation application also enables passengers to book vehicle at the bay or any other place.

However it has not been easy for the company, as its business continued to be profitable and having more investors, it also fought some of its’ competitors and regulators. It improved from black car service to personal driving cars (Hartmans & McAlone, 2016, paragraph 2). It has faced rivals from other taxi transportation companies and even its own workers.

 How uber works

Uber application offers the passenger with details about the driver. It includes first name, type of vehicle, license plate number. The application also provides the passenger details this makes it easy for connection (Juggernaut, 2015, paragraph 15). Through the application, the customer is able to enter their preferred destination and when they reach the destination the exit the trip and payment is done through the method chosen by the customer.

Benefits of Uber

High-quality services

Most of the uber customers appreciate the transportation network by commenting that they offer quality services. The drivers are all trained and are very friendly therefore making the industry more convenient and reliable. Customers also say that the drivers are aware of their working area; therefore, they ensure safety and convenient pick-up and drop services as fast as possible (Jalloh, 2014, paragraph 3). Most of the customers also say they are more conversant with the drivers as they are people who reside in the community. The vehicles used by Uber Company are noted to be clean and spacious making it comfortable for the customers to enjoy the ride.

Fair transportation cost

The transportation costing system is much understandable and convenient to all. Uber also provides receipts that are easy to understand and digital compared to the small printed receipts that tend to get lost easily (Ziv, 2015, paragraph 1 & 2). Unlike many taxi services at the airport which are inadequate and use the voucher as a way of payment, uber do not advocate for paperwork.



Easy to use and understand

Drivers working in uber are guaranteed of safety. There is no need of carrying a lot of cash and, worrying about unpaid fares which may lead to robbery this is because the transaction is done online. Drivers of Uber Company also enjoy the freedom and are always flexible (Uber Resource Headquarters, 2017, paragraph 6).  Drivers of uber can always choose their working hours and their ability to achieve the company goals and meet the objectives. The drivers are also allowed to own a vehicle which may save them the cost of expensive taxi rental lease.

To the transportation industry, uber has created more competition among other local transportation companies (Jalloh, 2014, paragraph 4). The completion has led to the increased supply of cars and created more job opportunities for drivers. Uber has also led to an assurance of safety, comfortable, and efficient traveling times.

Future growth

Through the increasing rate of uber expansion, it benefits the government by providing revenue thereby boosting the economy of a country. When uber increases supply of cars then the economy also increases. According to an analysis that was done, it indicated that if uber services would reduce then the number of vehicles owned by Australia will also decrease by ten percent. Several factors have tapped Uber transportation network growth (Lambert, 2016, paragraph 4). First party people who go to clubs, parties and events mostly prefer uber transportation network which makes it comfortable for them. Secondly, business travelers and tourists have boosted the company at a greater level and this has led to more supply and increased economic growth. Uber also helps its passengers during bad weather by offering a doorstep service.



The advantages of the Uber company in comparison to other local taxi transportation makes the mobile device company more famous and popular. The uber company is beneficial not only to its customers but also to the country, drivers, and transportation industry. It is the most efficient, convenient, reliable and safe transportation application.




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