Sample Business Studies Paper on Veterans Upward Bound (VUB)

Business Model Canvas

Customer segment

Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is an initiation of the United States Department of Education designed to offer support to entitled National Guard, veterans and Reserve members to refresh or revive their abilities in academics coupled with acquisition of new skills. Billing is one of the Veteran Upward Bound campuses where the education program is undertaken. Veterans Upward Bound being the only Federal educational program has a mandate of addressing the needs of the veterans more especially by providing customized services to the following group:

·         Veterans with low income,

·         Disabled veterans

·         Other veterans who intend to get value from the services offered by the program (Dell, Pg. 115).

Additionally, the education program endeavors to benefit veterans;

·         Who have an honorable discharge from duty,

·         Those with more than one hundred and eighty one days of duty,

·         Discharged on medical grounds,

·         That possesses designated first-generation college education.

Value Proposition

The needs of the veterans continue to undergo changes in the dimension of support and education services(Dell, Pg. 121). As such, Veteran Upward Bound designs its framework to adapt to such changes in the provision of the required services. Billing is one of the campuses that offers services and support to the veterans in the realm of educational programs by offering educational programs on-campus and live-online classes (Springer, Charlotte and Waterman, Pg. 109). In addition, Veteran Upward Bound (VUB) offers free educational services in many formats such as;

·         Online tutorials that are self-paced,

·         Assistance and counseling on college and career entrance,

·         Self-directed classes that take place online.

Similarly, the VUB program aims to provide;

·         Various online assessments in skills and careers of interest among the interested veterans (Xiao et al., Pg. 1503)

·         Workshops designed to offer training to the veterans interested in acquisition of skills.


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