Sample Case Analysis Paper on Marketing Management

The segmentation of the consumer markets is very important. The four bases for the segmentation of the consumer markets are: Geographic segmentation, Demographic segmentation, Behavioral segmentation and Psychographic segmentation.

  1. Geographic Segmentation: Under the geographic segmentation the market is very well divided in to various geographical units like regions, states, cities and neighborhoods. Under the geographical segmentation the consumer needs are usually influenced by various variables like natural resources, terrain, climate change and population density. Balwaan can use this variable for opening its various branches in different cities or states etc(McDonald, 2012).
  2. Demographic segmentation: Under this type of segmentation the market is basically divided in to various groups that is based on different variables like gender, age, family size , religion, occupation and nationality. This is one of the popular ways in which the consumer markets are segmented. It is very easy to measure the variables under the demographic segmentation.
  3. Gender: Gender segmentation is usually done for the businesses that includes magazine, clothing and cosmetics.
  4. Age: one of the most common variables that are used for the segmentation of the markets is the age. Under this segmentation the companies usually follow different marketing approaches for various age groups that includes teens, children , adults and seniors and therefore the marketing and ad campaigns also differ according to the various age groups(Cahill, 2012).
  • Family Cycle: The needs of the product differ according to the family age, marital status , number of children and the age of the children. This variable is often combined in to a single variable which is also referred to as family life cycle.
  1. Income: The other variable on the basis of which usually the market is segmented is Income. The income of the consumer affects the purchasing power of the consumers along with the lifestyle of the consumer. The businesses that are usually affected by the income of the individual are financial services, clothing, travel, food, beverages, luxury goods etc.

Balwaan can use this technique when its main focus is on the particular gender. Usually the people who will join Balwaan would be either the males or females within the age group of 18 to 50 years. Children would not be covered under this and Income of the consumer also affects the business of the gym because the consumers who would be able to afford the fees of the gym will only be able to join it.

  1. Behavioral Segmentation: Under this kind of segmentation the buyers are divided on the basis of the knowledge they poccess, the use and response to a product and attitude towards the product. The various variables of the behavioral segmentation are: user status, buyer readiness, attitude, user loyalty etc.
  2. User Status: the status of the user are the other variables on which the markets are segmented for example who is the user of the product, who is non user, regular user and one time user.
  3. Occasions: the other variables are the occasions on which the consumers purchase the products usually and what is the need of the user for purchasing the product. For example it has been observed by most if us that we usually see the promotions of Cadbury during festive season and not before that.
  • Loyalty status: the next variable on the basis of which the buyers are divided are the loyalty status of the consumer. For example, who are the hardcore loyal customers, shifting loyal customers and split loyal customers.

Now, when it comes to user status the users who are regular gym freak will join the gym and who are not loyal will have to be convinced by following various marketing promotion strategies in order to increase the demand of the gym.

  1. Psychographic Segmentation: Under this segmentation the variables used are the personality traits and lifestyles of the consumers.
  2. Personality Characteristics: Under this the attitudes, personality traits and habits of the consumers are covered. The segmentation of the markets is done under this variable according to ambitions, competitive, introvert and aggressiveness of the consumers. The main use of this segmentation is when there is similar products in the market and the needs of the consumers are not affected by the other variables of the segmentation.
  3. Lifestyle: Under this the main focus is on how the people live and spend their money. Under this the beliefs, interests and opinions of the customers is taken in to consideration.

The Balwaan gym can use Psychographic segmentation to increase the customers. The  consumers who have a healthy lifestyle will be attracted towards the gym and the customers who have the ambition of body building would love to join the gym.

Answer 2:

Online brand promotion is the technique whereby the various platforms of internet are used for promoting the brand .There are various platforms that the brand Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas can use for promoting its brands online. Some of the popular platforms often used by the businesses for promoting their brands online are:

  • YouTube: These days YouTube is very famous and common platform that is being used by the businesses for promoting their brands and products. Many people are quite active on social media platforms these days (Park & McMillan, 2017). Each and every individual these days watches YouTube very actively. The Balwaan Gyms and Akhadaas can use YouTube for promoting their gym and its services. The Gym can use the transformation journeys of various clients and attract other new clients for joining the gym.
  • Face book: Another popular platform that can be used by the Balwaan Gyms and Akhaadas is Face book. Face book is the widely and actively used platform by many individuals. The Gym can use the Face book platform for advertising about its gym services . This way many individuals will be attracted to join the gym. As the gym has a healthy café it can provide the details of the café on the face book so that people become more aware about its services and more and more clients are aware of the gym and its services.
  • Instagram: These days making live videos and adding stories has become very popular. Many people add their stories about what they do and regular basis . This way there is increase of followers. As the followers increase the business also increases. So, this is a very good platform for promoting the brand of the gym(Lane Keller, 2014).
  • Google Adwords: The gym can use the platform named Google Adwords for advertising about its services and products online. This way if some people will search for nearby gyms than they will be directly directed towards the Balwaan gym and this way the customers of the gym will increase and thereby increasing its overall income and profits.
  • Website development: The Gym can make its website whereby it can advertise about its products and services. The people will be able to know and understand more about the services being offered by the gym. There can be various other things that can be included in the website which includes the signup option. Under this option the gym can ask the individuals to sign up on the website and provide various discounts to the individuals who sign up early. Not only this the gym can also use other techniques on its website by providing coupons, free training and other amenities so that more and more customers are attracted for joining the gym.

Answer 3:

  • The various levels of the product are: Core product, Generic Product, Expected product, augmented product and Potential product. The various levels of the product according the Balwaan gym and Akhaada would be :
  • Expected product: Here, the expectation from the product is taken in to consideration. Like for example, in the case of the gym the expectation from its services would be making body builders, providing proper training to the customers for weight loss and weight gain according to the demands of the customers. Providing proper training to the customers so that the customers can get in to proper shape and physique(Scalice, Ostetto, Silvab & Seibel, 2019).
  • Potential product: Under this the various transformations are covered which a product might undergo in the future course of time. For example, in the case of gym the future transformations might includes adding more services and facilities to the gym for its customers so that the old customers retain in the gym and more new customers are attracted towards the gym. This is very important for the gym to bring in new and attractive facilities and amenities for its customers.
  • Augmented product: it refers to various additional factors that help in setting the product apart from its competitors. It basically involves brand identity and the image of the business. Under the above case the brand identity and the image of the Balwaan gym is covered and the customers would be having their eyes on the facilities and amenities that the gym might be providing to them in the near future.
  • The celebrity that I would like to select as the brand ambassador for the Balwaan Gyms and Akhadas will be Bani Judge. There are various reasons as to why I would like to select both of them as the Brand ambassador of the gym:

Firstly, Bani has got a great physique and she is a gym freak she never misses her gym and is a great influencer. I believe that if she will be the brand ambassador of the gym than many younger generation would be attracted by her physique and would like to copy her.

Secondly, she has got many followers. Bani is very active on Social media that is she is very much in to face book and Instagram. She posts stories on Instagram on daily basis and her followers try to copy her. If she will be the brand ambassador of the gym than her followers would love to join the gym of which she is the ambassador.

Thirdly, she has got all the qualities to make people influence of whatever she does. Basically, I personally believe that she is a trendsetter and many girls and ladies are influenced by her physique and daily routine and if she will be the brand ambassador than it will be very beneficial for the business.

Fourthly, as she has got so many followers so it wont be much difficult for the gym to advertise more about the gym. There would be less cost inculcated on the advertisements and promotions. Many people will themselves come and join the gym just with her in to the gym.

Fifthly, Her reputation and Image is good . Bani is very reputed lady and many people will be happily joining the gym knowing the fact that such a respectable person is engaged with the gym.




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