Sample Essay Paper on Application of Management Functions

To ensure the smooth operation of the two merged medical facilities, I have to employ the
concept of organizing. I chose the organizing concept because it looks at how the structure,
functions, and performance of the two medical groups operate. This is because the two groups
have been operating on different levels in that the first urban medical center has been running
smoothly while the second and smaller hospital has been facing challenges such as financial and
patient care safety.
The organizing concept addresses the problems that have been affecting the smaller hospital and
looks for ways of solving them. It also looks at the possible culture clash and differences that
may arise when managing staff that have not been working within the same conditions. I,
therefore, must have a span of control which the organizing concept advocates.
Other advocates of the theory include the classical approach, the modern theory, and the neo-
classical theory which also deal with span of control. The modern theory involves looking at the
mutual dependency between two elements. Here, we are looking at how the two medical
facilities will mutually depend on one another in terms of the specialty of the therapists available,
their facilities, what links them together, and the goals that are supposed to be achieved after a
certain period of time. Therefore, I have to study the two medical facilities and identify their
strategic parts in order to achieve the final goal. (Vogus & Sutcliffe, 2012)
Now that there is a merger, there must be an interaction of the Physical Therapists staff from
both divisions. The issue now is making sure that they interact and cooperate well with each
other in order to achieve the medical center’s goals while providing therapy services. I, therefore,
must create a harmonious authority and responsibility between the staff under me. The first is to
group the work into different stations, then identify who is best suited for each station, and
finally define and delegate responsibility authoritatively to each staff member.

Organizing the Therapists
The first concept is to implement what is required to be done by the therapists which is ensuring
that the patient’s care and safety is taken into control. This is done by classifying their job
specifications and working relations among themselves. I then deploy hospital resources that will
enable them perform their duties to the maximum requirement.
Once I have delegated authority amongst themselves, I will ensure that they work effectively and
respectively to give therapy to the patients. In brief the elements here are the division of work,
making sure that the command chain is respected among the therapists, and finally looking at the
dynamism of my staff including what they are talented in and allocating them accordingly.
What Am Planning to Achieve After Organizing.
There will be faster dissemination of information in that I have placed every staff member in
their areas of strength. The therapists will be freely enjoying their work and in case of any rising
problem, they are able to raise it up before things get out of control. In that way, they are able to
put their therapeutic skills to maximum use to the benefit and safety of the patients.
The therapy staff will also be able to conform to the expectations of the group. This is because organizing
pressures the therapists to allocate and deploy the resources of the medical facility to the maximum
benefit of both the hospital and patients. This is where the concept of span of control comes in and there
is a defined use of clear policies within the medical facility. This way, the therapists follow the
professional ways of working.
The bigger picture now is to establish strong relationships among the therapists. Remember that they
came from different medical facilities and they need to get used to each other’s ways of working. Once

they enjoy their work, the result is that they will freely bond with one another resulting to stronger
working relationships.
There will be maximum coordination of work between the therapists both horizontally and vertically.
They will be able to respect each other’s roles and at the same time respect the management and orders
from the managers.
The Importance of the Organizing Function in Achieving Therapeutic Success.
As a manager, the organizing of therapy staff gives me the framework from which I am able to plan,
organize, control, and motivate them. (Hoda & Murugesan, 2016) I am able to plan the activities that
should happen on a daily basis. An example is whether the staff should rotate so as to avoid boredom or if
they need rest breaks in between their duties and at what time.
By controlling them, I know which therapist reported to duty and who did not. If one did not attend duty,
I know why such happened and what is to be done to avoid such happenings in future. At the same time,
am able to give out leaves where applicable. I will also allow them form welfare societies and award them
financial incentives which will act as motivation.
Organization also ensures that there is optimum use of the available medical resources. This will lead to
achieving maximum utilization of their skills together with the use of technological innovations at the
Professional relations amongst the therapists is bound to get stronger. There is more unification and
integration of individual efforts resulting to balanced solutions within their activities. The result is that
there will be no longer financial and patient safety issues.

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