Sample Business Paper on The body shop


The body shop is a multinational corporation that is based in the United Kingdom. It is
the global manufacturer and the best retailer of natural and ethically inspired cosmetics products.
The company has undergone tremendous growth over the years since its establishment in the
year 1976 by Anita Roddick. The body shops have spread all over the world with more than
2400 branches in a total of 61 countries globally and at the same time, it produces a range of
1200 products. The body shop is well known for its strictness of lacking animal testing. The
company became the first-ever brand in the line of cosmetics that was recognized in human
cosmetics and standardized against animal testing. It is one of the leaders in the promotion of
corporate transparency by application of the Gen-Z criteria in its marketing processes and
running of its endeavors whereby it has different values that they base its activities on. The
values are defending human rights and support of the community trade (Laczniak & Murphy,

Mission statement

The baby shop has the mission and the vision statements that mainly direct its workers
and the consumers to achieve a given objective or run them through a given objective. The body
shop mission statement states that the human body is in existence to fight for a fair and beautiful
world. In this case, considering the mission statement, the body shop went on to tremendously
grow and bring onboard new products to the market but still stick to its core principles of
providing the best and high-quality products. Even though Anita the founder of the organization
passed away the body shop underwent some kind of transformation it stuck to its core principles.
The body shop is mainly dedicated to running its business putting into consideration all the

environmental, economic, and social needs. After following the mission statement the company
experienced tremendous growth in the past years on a very high note.

Vision statement

The body shop company has a vision of creating a fair world and a beautiful one. The
company mainly works in line with synchronizing human activities and the needs of nature in
general. It is also inclusive of how people are being treated equally without any kind of
discrimination. The company has gone on to list all the vision .and the requirements that were
meant to be achieved by Anita during the first time she started the company. The main vision of
the company is the likes of environmental empowerment through new jobs and education (Jones
& Shaw, 2018). Also, it has a vision of offering products that are cruelty-free and are human
body-friendly. Lastly is giving back to society through corporate social responsibility especially
by engaging in the low carbon economy.

Core offerings of the body shop

Since the company is experiencing tremendous growth it has its core principles that direct
the way it is treating the consumers of its products. The main values that direct them are mainly
the test against animals, activation of peoples self-esteem and on the other hand, defending
human rights and also protect the planet against any kind of pollution (Ratner & Zhang, 2020).
All the products of the baby shop have maintained the use of the original and natural ingredients
and they are never tested on animals thus their assurance of not being cruel on its products. It has
delivered most of the customer needs since the cosmetics that are linked to the company have
never had any kind of mistakes in them. Most of the products are much legitimate thus it is being
loved by most of the people in the society considering their tastes and preferences. The only
thing that has remained to offer to its consumers is the fact of marketing. In case of any

introduction of a product, there is need for a good marketing thus the need to introduce a
marketing mix.

Marketing mix

A marketing mix is mainly a composite or a group of products that a given company
makes available for its consumers. The marketing needs of the consumers can be catered for
through the use of a marketing mix. The company has a range of products that can be presented
to the consumers in the best way. The body shop marketing mix structure is as shown below:

From the above diagram, it is paramount to note that the products are the goods and
services offered, promotion is the goods and services that are offered by the body shop, the place
is the distribution or the place of delivery of the products while the price is the whole value of
transactions that are undertaken by the company (Dholakia, Dholakia & Chattopadhyay, 2018).

Below is the product mix offered by the body shop company and the market share that it
has gained after the introduction of the marketing mix.

Marketing orientation

This is an approach to the business as a whole that gives an identification of the needs
and the requirements of the given consumers and the whole process of creating the products that
meet company consumers’ satisfactions. In this case, the body .shop has shown marketing
orientation through the assurance of the quality of the products that it produces to the consumers.
In this case, the company has assured the quality through campaigning against products being
tested using animals. Thus people tend t go into using the company's products since it is in the
position where it can satisfy them in all aspects. Thu this is the main identification of the
marketing orientation by the company which goes well with the consumers.
Application of martech technologies

In the process of marketing, a company has to incorporate some of the software that will
accelerate their marketing process which will help in achieving their marketing goals. The body
shop has utilized a group of marketing software and skills that enable the organization to achieve
most of its marketing goals and objectives are thus known as its technology stack. Some of the
software is the likes of email marketing software and even the customer tracking tools which will
enable the company to keep track of their consumers. The body shop has been implementing the

same since it is reaching out to customers through the mail in case of any introduction of a new
product to the market (Moretta et al., 2019). The body shop has invested much in martech
technologies that have made it improve much than its competitors in the market.

Outline of the purpose

This case study will help in showing the advances that the body shop company has made
in recent days. In the following section, it is a report that will go deep into describing and giving
a report on the purpose of the company in society. The report will outline the performance of the
company both in the financial sector and also the marketing sector (Syakur et al., 2018). Also, it
will give the achievements made and the recommendations to the organization. The following
section will also demonstrate the marketing theories that are applied by the company in the
process of gaining a competitive advantage and market share.

Part 2

Executive summary

The report will contain different parts that will be explaining the marketing moves that
are made by the body shop. The report will have four different parts. Firstly it will include a brief
description of the company and its products. Secondly, it will analyze the entire marketing
environment that is directly associated with the body shop whereby it will contain the macro
environment and the microenvironment. It will also include a SWOT analysis which will be the
description of the strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats that may be facing the whole
organization. Lastly, it will describe the market segmentation that is made upon the body shop
which is the STDP of the organization as a whole. In this part, the report will generally point out
the main targets of the products by age and other factors. Also, the report will touch on the

digital marketing of the products that are produced and distributed by the body shop to the
consumers who are mainly the Gen z male audience (Vakulenko et al., 2019).


There are different kinds of innovations that have happened mostly in the 20th century in
terms of technology, telecommunication, and the media which has generally affected the minds
of the people concerning their beauty and the lifestyle that they are supposed to lead. From the
year 2005 people have been watching their favorite stars on television hence wanting to know
the reason why they are so much splendid on the screens (Rudkowski et al., 2018). To meet the
demands of the people most companies have come up and developed new ways of caring for
their skins by providing skincare products. One of the main products is the ones from the body
shop that was started by Anita. The body shop is one of the most favorite producers of skincare
products for both men and women thus the report will argue and discuss its marketing strategies
and the milestones that it has made all through the years.
Market trends analysis

Since the introduction of the body shop in the year 1975 by Anita Roddick, it has been
attracting mainly the young people who are interested in being like the superstars that they
usually see on social media. Since the introduction of televisions, young people could see their
stars looking splendid on the screens thus they end up trying to emulate their stars. Thus due to
this, there was an urge of getting to meet the expectations of the people about the ways of caring
for their skin. This made different innovations come up that made rise to the body shop (Wang et
al., 2018). The main gap was identified among the youths who are mainly part of generation z.
the market opportunity was very intense that there came up different forms of marketing. The
generation z audience was mainly gotten through different kinds of advertisements that could be
brought to them. In marketing, organizations such as the Body shop would always be aware of

their different audience. In this case, the company had to use specific ways of marketing so that
it can reach its targeted audience.
Ever since its introduction, the body shop has been in the position where it has correctly
served its audience; it has been facing competition in the industry from different players who
enter the market. The main competitors of the body shop in the market are the likes of Yves
rocher, lush, and Weleda. All these brands together with the body shop are interested in the
natural ingredients for the human body and also the protection of the human skin (Groening,
Sarkis & Zhu, 2018). Due to the competition that is posed by the competitors thus there have
been different market trends that have been controlled by the marketing strategies that are
introduced by a given firm that will have the intentions to win the hearts of the consumers. Due
to its products, it is having different kinds of consumers, and the demand and the gaps get on
increasing day by day (Králik & Jerz, 2020). Thus the company has been pushed to produce new
products into the market so that it can maintain its customers and also to get more .market share
in the industry. To get new consumers and maintain the existing consumers, the body shop needs
to come up with a new product that is following the needs of the consumers. The new product to
be introduced is the Himalayan charcoal skin clarifying night peel the main reason is that people
are so much interested in taking care of their body skin and avoiding the issue of their skin
peeling. The company is mainly concentrating on the generation z consumers who are mainly the
youths and hence they are much considerable about the way they look and the health of their

Recommendations on segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP)
Most of the businesses in the current era tend to introduce and use the latest form of
marketing to achieve their marketing goals and be able to reach a vast number of customers to

their products. This STP is one of the modern models of marketing a given company’s products.
STP mainly focuses on the process of communication thus the need to develop the most valuable
products of a given company band come up with a product mix that will enable the consumers to
be aware of the kinds of products that are being produced and put forward by the organization as
a whole in each segment. As the issue of marketing, technologies continue to come about thus
there comes the opportunity of segmentation targeting and positioning of a given business
(Warsita & Indriastuti, 2021). Even if the brand is very new it is paramount to reach out to
various forms of marketing to gain a competitive advantage over the others and thus the
opportunity to engage with the customers. Below is the process of STP in a diagram:

Market segmentation

Firstly the body shop determined and identified the basis of their segmentation for the
new product that is about to be introduced. Then it had put down all the characteristics of each
segmented market. In this case, the most identified potential market for the new product ended
up being generation z (Timokhina et al., 2021).

Market targeting

The next step for the body shop was to evaluate the financial and commercial
attractiveness of each of the identified segmented markets (Zenithal et al., 2020). Then a move to
select the best market that has been segmented which fits all the needs of the business. Thus the
gen z audience is the main one which was the most favorable and thus the use of digital
marketing since it is where they are the most active.
Product positioning

In this stage, the body shop comes up with a product mix for each of the selected
segments in the market. In this case, the gen z audience which consists of mainly the youths is
the most attractive skincare product. Thus the good positioning of the body shop to market well
their products through the use of social media. Thus it is recommended that before the body shop
goes into applying stop it has to intense research and analysis of a given market and its segments
(Hardhiyanti & Rasyid, 2018).

Customer persona

The main step of creating a customer persona is firstly identifying the target market in
which in our case is the gen z audience comprising mainly the youths. Below is the way of
identifying the target market:


The customer persona presentation for the body shop below is an example of a market
persona I made for the company after presenting its product mix to the generation z audience.


Image: Buyer persona for body shop

The above customer persona is based on the fact of the product mix that has been
presented by the body shop in the market and also in consideration of the marketing mix that is
orchestrated by the cosmetic industry.


Marketing mix Recommendations
(marketing mix)

Justification – how
does this meet gen z
customer needs?

Explain and identify
the academic
marketing theory
supporting the
Product Himalayan charcoal Gen z is the people In this situation of


skin who mainly comprise
the youths. From
research, it has been
seen that they are one
of the biggest
spenders on skincare
routines. The gen z
group comprises more
than 32% of the whole
world population.
This group is so much
on how they are
looking in front of
their peers or even
how the world will
take them. In this
case, they opt for the
best skincare routine.
They mainly go by the
products which will
favor them and there
is an assurance of
their health with no

introducing a new
product into the
market, the company
was making use of the
Kotler theory. The
Kotler theory is
mainly an economist
theory that suggests
that there are five
different categories of
needs that the
consumers have. The
needs care ranges
from the functional
needs to the core
needs and lastly to the
emotional needs. The
introduction of this
skincare product has
an intention of
meeting all the needs
of a given consumer
whereby they are the


side effects. The
Himalayan charcoal
skin is one of the most
natural products by
the body shop that is
to be introduced in the
market. The people
are mainly convinced
of these kinds of
products due to their
natural ways. Since
the gen z audience is
concerned about the
effect that might come
along thus the new
product will care for
their needs in the best
way and cure all the
inconveniences that
might be brought
about by the other
skincare routines.
The product is made

generation z
consumers (Micheaux
& Bosio, 2019). The
body shop had done
enough research and
knew the main needs
that these youths
might need in their
day-to-day lives. Thus
through the
application of the
Kotler theory then
applying cosmetics in
people's skins can be
categorized as the
emotional needs
whereby in this case
the gen z community
has made it they be
like mandatory. The
targeted audience has
made this fact of
skincare to be part and


up of very natural
ingredients and its
eating is done on
human beings since
the slogan of the
company is against
the use of animal
testing on the
products which are
consumed by humans.
Thus this product
meets all the
requirements of the
gen z audience.

parcel of their lives
and they are
recommending it to
their peers. In this
case, this product will
satisfy the core needs
of the given
consumer. Thus
before applying any
kind of marketing
strategy, a business
needs to develop the
best way of
researching to be
aware of all the needs
and the wants of their
clients. Kotler theory
is the theory that is
most advocated in
determining the basic
wants of the
consumers especially
when a business has a

specific audience.

Price $43.5 The gen z audience is
mainly consisting of
youths and the
majority of these
people in this
category do not work.
Most of them depend
on their parents or
guardians for financial
support. Thus when a
product is produced
and directed to them.
Many factors would
come in and
determine if they are
going to take in the
products or ignore
them (Cahyani, 2020).
This product is priced
at $43.5 which is
affordable to any
youth. This is one

The main academic
theory that is applied
in this context is the
pricing theory. This is
kind of pricing that
takes into
consideration the kind
of relationship that
exists between the
demands of the gods
and the supply. When
the law is in
equilibrium is at the
point where the
supply of the
Himalayan charcoal
skin is at the same
level as the demand
that is on the market.
In this case the pricing
is done based on the
demand of Himalayan


way of marketing
whereby the prices
attract the targeted
audience. Himalayan
charcoal skin has the
best functionality that
makes the skin glitter.
Thus it attracts the
targeted audience and
through different
kinds of
advertisements, it
shows how it is
affordable and the
best for their skincare

charcoal skin and its
supply. The demand
will be determined by
the intense marketing
that will be done
directed to the
consumer whole on
the other hand the
supply will depend on
the demand. Low the
price is set at the level
where the two parties
are comfortable
especially the
consumers; here it is
supposed to be
affordable to them.
Thus it is advisable
that the body shop be
conducting research
that will enable them
to understand the
financial situation of

the target market who
is the Gen z audience.

Promotion Digital marketing The target market is
mainly the generation
z community who are
very young people.
These people have
their pacific places
where they air their
different view. When
a business is investing
on advertisements it
mainly goes beyond
and decides on which
platform to under do
that it can easily reach
this audience (Huegle,
Hagedorn & Uflacker,
2021). Other than the
platform they should
also consider the
personalities that have
influence to the

The best theory for
this kind of promotion
is the communication
mix. This kind of
academic theory
mainly considers the
channel which can be
used to reach the
audience. The
communication theory
part that is applied
here is the use of a
format that can reach
a given audience. In
this case, the use of
social media and the
posturers to use the
products from the
body shop plays a


audience that they are
targeting. The
generation z
community has their
interactions in various
social media
platforms. This is
where they meet with
the people who they
believe have influence
to their lives. In this
case they are the
celebrities who use a
given product thus
through their lifestyle
they can influence the
way people run theirs
too thus the body shop
follows the guidelines
thus its tremendous
growth and sales of its
products to the
targeted market.

major role in their
various ways of
skincare. Thus the
body shop has been
promoting most of its
products in this way
thus its growth and
large market share.


Place Body shop depots
and online platforms

The place is the point
of sale of a given
product. In this case is
the place where the
gen z audience can
easily access the
.body shop products
that will catch the
eyes of the consumers
that will make them
the most viable people
to consume a certain
product. In this case
most of the gen z
audience is found
online so the company
started online ways of
shopping thus
effectively serving the
needs of their clients
from their comfort

The main theory used
in this section is the
stakeholders mapping
at this point the
stakeholders of this
product are the
generation z
population. The
theory discusses the
places when they can
be found in an easy
way whereby it has
settled on the social
media platforms.

Process Courier delivery There are different Product theory is the


ways in which the
products sold online
can be delivered. In
this case courier
delivery is the best for
this kind of group
since most of them
will consider the
goods delivered at
their comfort. Also
they care much about
the; packaging which
is done best by the

main theory that is
considered for the
process. The theory
orchestrates that all
the labor processes
are the ones that are
all included in the
process of producing
a product. Thus the
customer will take
care of the whole
process of reduction
including the delivery

People Generation z (the


This are the young
people who are still
fascinated about the
issue of their outlook
and grow the society
perceives them. They
always prefer good
staffs for themselves
in which the

Target market theory.
This is a theory that
directs the companies
to work with given
consumers of a given
product. In this case
the main consumers
are the gen z


Himalayan charcoal
skin is the best for
their skin thus they
are well served
(Aprianti & Reonald,
Physical evidence Himalayan charcoal


Himalayan charcoal
skin is the main
product that the target
audience needs since
it is in accordance to
the needs of their
skincare routines.
Thus this is the best
product that they
could need for their
skincare routine.

Physical evidence
theory. This is where
the real product list
resented to avoid any
kind of
between the supplier
and the consumer.

Consumer journey mapping

This is the process in which a company uses so that their customers can know where they
are located.
Since most of the consumers are not local the company has to come up with the best way
of mapping. Having a good process of mapping makes sure a given company delivers a

consistent quality of products and services. Firstly are the clear objective of the map about that
given product and the place of pick up an ordering platform. Secondly, the body shop should
define the personas highlights and the target markets. The following step is identifying the goals
for each of the goals that are put down by the organization. Also, the company has to list the
several touchpoints that are targeting (Ratner & Zhang, 2020). The other thing that has to be put
into consideration is the fact that they should gather several feedbacks from the consumers and
correct or improve on any kind of mistake that can come from the analysis. Lastly is the process
of identifying the points where there are needs for improvements. Below is a structure of the
consumer journey map of the body shop.

Detailed customer journey map

Benefits of journey mapping

The above customer journey map has several benefits which emphasizes understanding
their different pain points. It also helps the consumers of the body shop to view the customer’s
journey and even predict the customer’s behaviors and also improve the customer’s journey. In
this case, it helps the company to do a good delivery of the goods to the consumers and make
improvements that may be needed in the whole process. The map is paramount to both the
consumers and the company. The map is directly linked to the target market theory which
identifies the kind of clients and thus develops a map that directs them to acquire the products.



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