Sample Case Study in Social Aspects

Social Aspects

  1. Ask five people their definition of religion, racism, family and summarize the definition

Person 1

  1. Racism is the belief that an ethnic group is superior to the rest in a given set up4
  2. Religion is a belief in a supernatural being, who is also believed to control the entire universe
  3. Family is a group of individuals sharing a common origin while living together

Person 2

  1. Racism is a form of discrimination projected towards a group of people who are considered to be inferior
  2. Religion is a belief that makes a group of people to believe in an invisible or imaginable being
  3. Family is a group of people sharing mutual ancestral origin. These are individuals with same identity

Person 3

  1. Racism is stereotyping a particular ethnic group. Additionally, it is a form of discrimination that a specific group experiences because of their way of life or color
  2. Religion is a way a specific system of faith that individuals subscribe to as their true way of life and it is also a form of worship
  3. Family is a group of people with blood relationship

 Person 4

  1. Racism is the mindset that a specific group is more superior compared to the rest
  2. Religion is a set of doctrines that guide the people’s way of life in relevance to spiritual matters
  3. Family is a group of people with kinship ties

Person 5

  • Racism is a state of holding a group of people of a group with high esteem and at the same time, disregarding the other group
  • Religion is a set of belief that a given group of people have towards supernatural being
  •  Family is a group of people sharing common agreements, common ways of doing things and mutual belief.

These five definitions have some similarities. For example, the definition of person 1 of racism is closely related to the definitions of person 3 and 4. Both of them hold on to the fact that racism is a form of misjudgment or discrimination against a particular group. Additionally, there is an element of paying allegiance to supernatural being and worship in the definition of religion.


All the five definitions recognize relationship aspect in the definition of family. Even so, person 2 provides a very unique definition of religion as a belief in an unknown being while the rest offer a clear object or instrument of belief. This paper also provides a clear definition of each of the elements and below is the definitions (Ananta & Arifin, 2003).

Racism is a form of discrimination against a given group of people based on stereotype mannerisms

Religion is a way through which, individuals seek to identify with a supreme being in an effort to seek their identity

Different interaction patterns between majority and minority of groups

Models Minority Group Majority Group
Facts about the models These are mostly disadvantaged on political representation issues and are also rejected




They are looked upon often and their opinions are overruled by the majority groups especially when it comes to a democratic setting


They are oppressed and if not, a struggle or a revolution must have occurred.


In many cases, minority groups are at the mercy of the majority because decisions on their affairs are made by the majority group





Everything is dominated by the majority group in the society. They are advantaged economically and politically because they have a high bargaining power.


The majority group is seen as the right one in decision making process. This is a perimeter of democracy especially where the majority rules the day


They also dominate powerful government positions because of their bargaining power


They are additionally never affected by decisions made by minority groups because they are the decision makers.


Two diverse samples for each model 1.      Children and women are considered to be the minority group in many communities  and they are not considered in many decision making processes


2.      Blacks have been known as the minority group for many years in the USA and it was up to the 21st century when they gained recognition and received their rights as the rest of the Americans


1.      In Muslim community, men are considered the majority group because they make all decisions in regards to family affairs and religious affairs. Women are not considered competent and better placed to handle family and religious issues.

2.      The minority group in a state where the majority is against the former, the majority are always politically advantaged because they always vote in one of their own to office.


Create a K-W-L table for each ethnic group in the US. Create three columns for each table with the categories (K) What I KNOW, (W) what I want to know and, (L) what I LEARNED.



What I Know (K) It is known that many people in prison are blacks and most of them belong to the poor class


It is also known that there are wages designed for lower and middle class because many lower class groups do not have a bargaining power to negotiate their salaries. This is based on the fact that they are immigrants from poor destinations and can easily take up any job and perform at low pay.


Christianity is also known to be the dominant religion and religion speaks volumes for anyone running for a political office because many voters are Christians.


What I want to Know (W) There is need to understand acceptance level of equality between whites and blacks. This is because there is high level of discrimination of majority groups who live in slums and are mainly blacks while white people live in good neighborhoods.


There is also need to know whether Americans live to its creed and of the equality American dream truly stands true. It is therefore worth finding out the reasons behind high divorce numbers in American marriages. In this relevance, there is investigation on whether there is any American culture.

What I Leaned (L) It is evident to one’s knowledge that many blacks living in slums are a little bit educated and that most of them do not accept themselves as citizens of America.

It is also true America lives its true meaning of creed. This is based on the fact that the constitution offers equal rights for each American despite race or sex.




Stages of family according to Bennett (2006)

Stage one

A young woman and man leave their home: one needs emotional and financial independence at this stage. It is also at this stage that a person creates strong emotional relationship as well as the urge to share one’s emotions.

Stage two

There is emotional commitment at this stage and the couple is joined in marriage.

Stage three

6This is a family development stage where the family grows and the couple has children.

Religions across the globe are quite different and they will never along. This is a statement that is true because the two religions that conflict hold one another with a lot of hatred and contempt. None believes that the other serves a true God or accepts the other a true religion.  All religions live in acceptance that they serve a supernatural God however, their approaches towards the same is different.

Each religion teaches its members to not believe in the other religion’s teachings (Bramadat, & Seljak, 2009). Each religion also struggles to appear right while making the other wrong all in an effort to win more converts.



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