Sample Case Study on Apple v. Motorola Mobility Patent Infringement

Apple v. Motorola Mobility Patent Infringement

Apple v. Motorola mobility patent infringement case refers to lawsuits series between the two technology giants, Apple Inc. and Motorola Mobility. Apple v. Motorola mobility patent infringement case started at a time when there were intense patent cases. Samsung and Apple were suing one another in different continents. High Tech Computer Corp was also involved in a patent fight with Apple.

Apple v. Motorola mobility patent infringement case started with claims of patent infringement that encompassed several venues in different countries. The litigation fight also involved the rulings of the administrative law with European commission and United States International Trade commission involvement.

Motorola Mobility sued Apple for patent infringement in October 2010. This complaint was about six patents of Motorola and the firm was seeking remedies from the court for the bar of the U.S imports that infringed products and injunction that would prohibit Apple from importing, distributing and marketing infringing products.


One month later, ITC instituted investigations and Motorola dropped the patent claims for its six patents. Motorola filed two patent infringement complaints against Apple. The complaints were filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Florida. In the complaints, Motorola alleged that Apple had infringed its 18 patents.

Motorola dismissed its Illinois complaints in November 2010 voluntarily. Later Apple filed counterclaims in the district court of Southern District of Florida. In the claims, Apple alleged that Motorola has infringed its six patents in the manufacture and sale of set-top boxes, mobile devices as well as digital video recorders.

In addition, Motorola filed a declaratory judgment complaint against NeXT Software Inc. and Apple. Motorola 6sought a ruling that it did not infringe claim of the twelve NeXT and Apple patents. Apple asserted the twelve patents claims against Motorola. Motorola changed the venue from the Delaware court to Wisconsin. Patent assertions by the two parties were later moved to Northern District of Illinois.

In the counter claims at Wisconsin, Apple alleged that Motorola had breached standards commitments. The counter claims included waiver, equitable estoppel, and contract breach, section 2 of Sherman Antitrust Act violation, contract interference and unfair competition. Apple was seeking declaration judgments the terms of Motorola license that involved standards-essential patents were discriminatory and unreasonable. According to Apple, Motorola had engaged in patent misuse and that it did not have injunctive relief entitlement.

The patent war between these technology giants did not end there. In April 2011, Motorola filed more patent infringement claims in Mannheim in which it alleged that Apple Germany retail had infringed its three patents. Injunctions were granted after the court found that some Apple products had infringed one non-essential and one standard-essential patent.

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